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Best New Music Of The Week // July 16 – July 22, 2018

Tash Sultana – “Harvest Love”

There is something oddly striking when you listen to Tash Sultana. The Melbourne singer, who broke into fame status first by sharing her music on YouTube, has that natural charisma that only the gifted have. But it fades away when compared to her music talent, that makes you want to close your eyes and listen to her endlessly.

Sultana, who is just one month shy from releasing her debut album Flow State, due on August 31, has unveiled exclusively on Billboard her latest single “Harvest Love“, in anticipation for the album.

The song is a slow burn, that cut you right in the guts thanks to the singer’s coloured voice and potent vocals that gives meaning to the lyrics she is singing. “Harvest Love” is an impressive deep and subtle track that hides layers of meanings within. A lot more could be said, but the beauty of Tash is what she leaves unsaid for her public to guess.

Apart from the daunting melody, Sultana’s best asset is clearly her vocal talent. The easiness with which she switches between a tender delivery and a more impetuous one is remarkable. This juxtaposition is also reflected in her grungy attitude that hides her more vulnerable and mindful side that is in plain sight when you listen to her music.

Tash has chosen to accompany the song with a black and white visual of her in the recording studio. Keeping it simple, the singer bears it all in what is a powerful and intimate performance.

Watch the music video below:

Kim Viera + Daddy Yankee – “Como”

This video will let you feel the classic summertime blues and long for the West Indies; the music will make you want to dance, with the vibe growing and growing until you can’t get the melody out of your mind!

This fresh and already successful collaboration – almost 5 billions views on VEVO after less than three days- teams up Reggaeton legend Daddy Yankee and on-the-rise artist Kim Viera.

Como” is a total dancing hit, characterised by Latin sounds and a catchy rhythm on a classical Reggaeton beat. Viera’s unique voice and the undeniable performance and romantic Spanish rap by Daddy Yankee is a perfect match. The original aim of the song was indeed to combine both Kim’s cultures, Puerto Rican and American.

The two artists were already connected over their shared roots, and together created an anthem in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Maria which hit Puerto Rico last year; the clip is a sort of promotion – as if there was need – of such paradisiac exotic places, with panoramic shots over beaches, ocean and waves. Then of course the scene shifts into a club, to celebrate the nature of the song.

Daddy Yankee is known worldwide; he’s the one who gave birth to unforgettable Latin hits like “Gasolina“, “El Ritmo Non Perdona“, “Shaky Shaky“. About a year ago, through Viera’s manager, he listened to the first version of “Como” and decided to collaborate with the native Bronx singer on it.

Viera, who hopes to release an EP soon and will be appearing as a singing voice in the upcoming Netflix series Motown Magic, feels more than honoured to have worked on a project with one of the Reggaeton kings. What a good start for her!

Tory Lanez + Rich The Kid – “Talk To Me”

The video for “Talk To Me” has finally arrived, almost one month after the song had been released. However it has been an intense period for Tory Lanez, after the success of “Pà Mì ” featuring the unstoppable Ozuna, one of Latin-Trap’s hottest at the moment.

This summer bouncy hit is a collaboration with another expert of his music genre, Rich The Kid. The American rapper possesses the right flow to match the high and delicate vocals of Lanez.

The fresh clip is brilliant and funny, courtesy of Zac Facts. In a heavily coloured set, the two artists find themselves in different rooms made to look like a TV set. While Rich raps his verse into a payphone, Tory talks to the pink wall and even rapper 6ix9ine appears for a short cameo.

“Talk To Me” song marks the first single from Tory’s upcoming project Love Me Now?, which will contain big collaborations with Chris Brown, Gunna and 2 Chainz just to mention a few.

Moreover, as he had already shown his Latin skills with Ozuna, he’s about to release a full Spanish project with Farruko and Nicky Jam, titled El Agua.

It was only in March that his latest album Memories Don’t Die was released but the Toronto rapper seems full of energy and inspiration and we couldn’t be happier if more music news from him is coming.

Watch the video below:

Alicai Harley – “Naah Done”

Following the extensive support from radio, Alicai Harley has unveiled the official video for her irresistible summer jam “Naah Done“.

A melodic release tinged with Caribbean influences, the video for the fast-rising artist’s production pays homage to her birthplace of Kingston, which has sonically inspired the songwriter who now lives in South London.

Shot across her native Jamaica, the video showcases Alicai’s fun-loving side as she performs whimsical dance routines with locals in the streets of Port Antonio, and frolics playfully in the seas of Winnifred Beach.

On the importance of shooting the video in her homeland, Alicai explains: “My mum moved from Jamaica to London when I was very young and once she was settled, I came to live with her. It’s been 15 years since that day, so to be able to go back to Jamaica and shoot this video, plus seeing my family and friends makes this song even more special for me.”

The Lemon Twigs – “Small Victories”

In an ocean of electro-pop, synthetic and robotic versions of mesmerizing voices, The Lemon Twigs come off strong with their 80s’ vibes, rounded by a clear-cut sound, choral vocals and long hair.

After a solid debut album, the D’Addario siblings are ready to drop a second one, called Go To School, on August 24 and for the occasion they have just released a new single “Small Victories“.

The song retains a specific hippie flavor, expressed by a fast hand on the strings, a rhythm that seems to chase itself and the brothers’ singing attitude in which each voice blends together until it disappears into one, full-fledged sound, that reminds a lot of that of The Beatles.

But despite this sunflower atmosphere that takes you straight back to 1968, the brothers hold on tight to present days with their universally and poignant lyrics. Even though it’s hard to think the lyrics are aimed towards anything in particular, it’s impossible not to draw a more up to date conclusion when they sing “But all is well and all is merry/Even when the times are scary/Every generation is the same“.

Times are scary indeed, problems seems gigantic, especially if looked under the lens, but as the Long Island band candidly sing in their bubbly and fizzy track, things can change as “we’ve been built a world that’s full of small victories“.

In the meantime, catch the band opening for the Arctic Monkeys and listen to “Small Victories” here:

David Rojas + Sixten – “Waterfalls”

Emerging 23 year-old producer David Rojas makes a major step and introduces us to his huge crossover potential with his debut solo track “Waterfalls” featuring the pristine vocals of fellow emerging Swedish singer/songwriter Sixten.

Known for polished, slow-burning club heaters, David’s initial offering showcase his colossal ambition and prodigious talent, and a signature skill for bringing emerging artists with him.

Speaking on “Waterfalls”, David states: “I remember driving on the highway on my way to the studio – the sun was setting and I just couldn’t find the perfect song to listen to at that moment that sounded how the sky looked. I got to the studio and made the instrumental with that in my mind.”

“Later, we got the idea of putting some male vocals on it and found Sixten – he came to the studio, we wrote the lyrics and recorded it all the same day.”

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden from Chilean parents, David has absorbed influences from a spectrum of styles. Already remixing for major superstars like Enrique Iglesias, the emerging beat-maker’s comet-like entrance into the scene sees him working with the likes of Puerto Rican legend Bad Bunny and Natti Natasha. The sheer talent he’s already worked with is case in point.

Words by Jay Tijani, Camilla Marotta & Paola Pedrotti

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