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Best New Music Of The Week // October 12 – October 18, 2015

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Disclosure + Lorde – “Magnets (SG Lewis Remix)”:

Yesterday (October 12), London based producer SG Lewis shared his remixed version of Disclosure’s track “Magnets” which contains guest vocals from New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde. The track is taken from Disclosure’s recently released sophomore album Caracal. The remix kicks back in style; smoothing the original over with sleek production, featuring deep synth chords, the pitch shifted vocals of Lorde and stripped back percussion. SG Lewis’ edit also extends the original by just over a minute, giving those chill vibes a chance to soak in. Check out the remix below.

Bullet For My Valentine – “Venom”:

Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine‘s new music video for “Venom”, the title track of their latest album, is a short narrative that continues the events in “You Want A Battle (Here’s A War)”. The newest installment is wrapped in emotive imagery that has multiple meanings and the message conveyed is incredibly raw, like a flesh wound that will take time to heal.

The directing was undertaken by Stuart Birchall who also directed the prequel. According to Birchall, he “discussed taking a more cerebral tone with a darker subtext” this time around, which is apparent from the get-go. “Venom” may not be as heavy as “You Want A Battle (Here’s A War)”, musically, but the tone certainly is. Check out the music video below.

DJ Snake + Bipolar Sunshine – “Middle”:

In a world where modern day EDM DJs are spewing at the same old generic sound over and over, DJ Snake yet again shines through with an original track, proving it’s ok to experiment and diversify. Partnering up with alt-hip-hop singer Bipolar Sunshine, the two release the smooth track “Middle”.

This single offers Bipolar’s fantastic crooner voice, distorted vocals, and up-beat tempo presenting a chilled sound cementing itself as the cute little sister of “Lean On”. The release of this track comes with news of DJ Snake’s plans to release his long awaited debut album, which is yet to be titled. We’ll keep you updated, don’t worry. Click below to listen to full track and all its glory.

Purity Ring – “Begin Again”:

Purity Ring
Halloween is coming up and, ahead of the much-loved Autumn holiday, Purity Ring have unveiled the music video for “Begin Again”. The video, directed by Young Replicant, has a pretty dark theme, featuring the revival of a dead person who kills someone else as part of a ceremony. This action is encouraged by all involved, even the one due to be killed. Hardcore. The video is intended is a visual exploration of “the song’s themes of renewal and rebirth”, which certainly explains at least some of the strange goings on! “Begin Again” comes from Purity Ring’s album, Another Eternity, which can be purchased here. Watch the music video here.

Jack Garratt – “Breathe Life”:

One of the biggest rising stars of modern day music, Jack Garratt, has just released his stunning single “Breathe Life” and a fantastic music video to compliment it. Garratt has been kept very busy since the ‘get-go’, releasing two EPs and multiple singles, supporting the likes of Mumford & Sons and now MS MR and VERITE. However, it is his own unique sound which truly leaving his mark on this world.

Solely pinpointing his musical position in the indie scene would be insulting, as this multi-instrumentalist cleverly infuses a variety of genres, including R&B grooves and electronic beats. This single “Breathe Life”, throws everything at listener beginning with a seductively smooth R&B template with an underlying promise of something building. When the promise is fulfilled, the cool funk and piano chorus is introduced beckoning you to sing along.

Eventually, the song builds with excitement, pace and power as the electronic element of Garratt’s style takes over. Visually speaking, the video features a very calm and suave Garratt floating in a clear blue lake. Garratt seems to keep his cool throughout the video, remaining in a chilled state, despite a team of synchronized swimmers splashing around him.

Garratt tells Billboard The story behind the video for ‘Breathe Life’ is best left to the imaginations of the people who watch it. A man is lost and gets found by something that he may or may not have wanted to find him“. Garratt’s full-length debut album Phase will be out on February 19 via Island Records. To watch the single for “Breathe Life”, click below:

Marcus Marr + Chet Faker – “The Trouble With Us”:

This fun little diddy “The Trouble With Us” has just been dropped on us, as a result of a four-day studio session between the pair. Marcus Marr and Chet Faker have joined forces after a casual social media conversations escalates to a surprising yet welcomed promise to release an EP. According to Marr, “The Trouble With Us” “was a real thrill as the songs came together. As far as working out lyrics and music, [Faker] is super-talented“.

Their two styles intermingle perfectly as this neo-disco track installs a fun funk element as the basis of the track, supported by some up-beat poppy vocals from Faker we’re not so used to hearing from him, indicating this Australian musician has a lot in his locker yet to be witnessed. The release of a track like this leaves the listener wanting so much more, not too long to go now as their EP Work will be released on December 4. Click below to hear their first single “The Trouble With Us”.

Sundara Karma – “Run Away”:

Once described as being “more refreshing than sunshine“, Sundara Karma beam down on us once again with another fantastic Indie anthem “Run Away”. Aspiring to the legendary Bruce Springsteen, their musically unique and creative ideas reflect on the dark topics of today including death and sacrifice, indicating these Indie-rockers are a lot more profound than other fun indie-poppers about.

And just like the man born in the U.S.A they deliver a catchy and powerful refrain, which swifts you off your feet following a brooding verse. You’ll be chanting the fantastic lines “Push me aside and tell me I’m wonderful / Push me aside and tell me I’m miserable” in your sleep after giving this one a listen. As Clash once notably said “Sundara Karma arrive with choruses built for arenas”. Albeit not the official video, the visuals that come with this latest track include the band galavanting about on their tour. “Run Away” will appear on their upcoming EPII.

A Tribe Called Quest – “Bonita Applebum (Pharrell Williams Remix)”:

Designer, actor, producer Pharrell Williams arrives at his launch for his new liqueur in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles
Pharrell has recently released a remix of “Bonita Applebum” which is a song originally by A Tribe Called Quest. The band are due to reissue their debut album on November 13 People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. In addition to the remastered album, the reissue is due to feature remixes from Pharrell, CeeLo Green, and J. Cole (in collaboration with Raphael Saadiq). Pharrell has now shared the new track via Rollingstone. You can listen to the song below.

In 2013, Pharrell spoke to Elle about the group being an influence to him stating: “I did not have a style back then. I was just then discovering A Tribe Called Quest, which led me to the understanding that I could be whatever I wanted to be, even if at a minimal level, it was just being different. That’s when I learned I could be different. And then my identity started to really come out. And then, right around 1990, I started having style.”

Words by Nick Bimson, Shanade McConney, Finn Brownbill and Shakira Knight

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