WPGM Commentary: BOSSIIE Is Longing To Be With Her Lover On ‘Covid Blues’

Hello loves, My name is BOSSIIE. I am an artist, DJ, and a Producer originally from South Africa now residing in London, England.

Covid Blues” is my second single from my Porsche Music 1 (2021) EP, and it is written and sung by me, BOSSIIE and the beat is composed by Amapiano pioneers MFR SOULS.

The song was inspired by the lockdown period, which left me very lonely and longing to be around my loved ones. Lockdown was a devastating time for all of us, and it felt like desperate times.

A member of my family suggested that I write a song about how I was feeling, but also about how vulnerable we all felt, and all the people who were mostly vulnerable during this time, the likes of the elderly and everyone who could not get by during lockdown.

The thought was too overwhelming for me, I just wanted to write a song that would cheer people up to remind them that life goes on, no matter the situation. I turned all that sadness into dance and romance for the lovers who were separated by lockdown.

“Covid Blues” showcases the romantic side to my sound, I grew up listening to R&B music and it is imperative for me to pay homage to that sound. Looking back at my catalogue, I have always had tracks where I rap then do a very slow R&B track. The switch up on the song is that the lyrics, writing style and vocal projection is slow, but the beat is up-tempo and extremely hypnotising.

My inspiration and motivation to create Porsche Music 1 (2021) was to bring back accountability and owning your own path. I cannot take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to my career, if opportunity does not come to me, I make opportunity for myself.

I own my production company (Holygoat Productions), we film my music videos through Holygoat Productions and release my music through TJ Network, which is my own version of Warner Bros. I am extremely inspired by Nipsey Hussle and Master P when it comes to my business ventures. My goal is to inspire and motivate through action.

I believe in creating moments in sound, video, and photography. I am heavily involved in all aspects of the production. The songwriting, the videos, and photoshoots. In the making of the songs, I had video concepts written in treatment form prior to the songs even being written and recorded.

I always create video concepts before writing the music. I have a background in video/film production, so I work in an unorthodox manner when working on musical projects, I think of a message I would like to convey, then once I am done, I write a song around the music video treatment.

With “Covid Blues”, I wanted to release the music as soon as possible but due to Covid and some of the team being under the weather then, shooting times and executing deadlines was near impossible. As the team had to self-isolate and focus on bettering their health.

With Porsche Music 1 (2021), I knew what I wanted to project, I understood what is required of me as an artist, and I worked as hard as I could to put together a good musical piece to drive to, hence it is called ‘Porsche Music’.

When writing “Covid Blues”, I could imagine myself singing someone else’s song in the car with my whole heart and I wrote it in a way I could imagine other people singing it in the car like I would in my imaginary state.

I pictured the song playing all day on radio stations and thought these words sound like something that could be sung daily on radio, on TikTok, or when cooking or cleaning. I also considered how specific words can uplift or bring out feelings, which can make it a repeat- worthy record.

Watch the video for “Covid Blues” below and stream it elsewhere here.

Words by BOSSIIE // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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