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Best New Music: Sinead O’Connor – Take Me To Church

Sinead O'Connor
The lady with a sensational 25-year career behind her and a future that clearly has no dead end, the ever growing and highly unique Sinead O’Connor, is set to release her first single from up coming and hugely anticipated album I’m Not Bossy I’m The Boss. The single is entitled “Take Me To Church” and will be released on the 11th of August this Summer along with her album. “Take Me To Church” is a true testament to just how passionate O’Connor is with her music. The track showcases her beautiful sound, with an amazing melody, a joyous chorus and a powerful guitar set, combined with her mesmerising vocals and extremely inspirational lyrics.

Not only that, but the artwork for “Take Me To Church” features Sinead looking as beautiful as she so clearly sounds, and follows on from the highly talked about album artwork for I’m Not Bossy I’m The Boss which immediately went viral all over the world right after being announced. I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss is the follow up to Sinead O’Connor’s last album How About I Be Me (And You Be You) which was released back in 2011 and was a huge success and critically acclaimed.

That record has set the standard for what fans and critics can expect from her new album but with “Take Me To Church”, she so clearly is demonstrating that meeting and even surpassing those standards will not be a problem. The new album which will be released via Nettwerk Records features twelve new songs that highlight the very best of Sinead and showcases just what makes this star so unique, passionate and special. The album also accentuates her rare fragile beauty that work in complete harmony with her direct and powerful lyrics and vocals. Sinead’s sound combines the roses with the thorns and her new single will echo this distinctive approach that she so naturally displays in her music.

Listen to the brand new single “Take Me To Church” below. I think we should prepare for another 25 years of this lady, because she obviously is nowhere near done yet! Pre-order I’m Not Bossy I’m The Boss on iTunes here.

Words by Kerrie Lobb // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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