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Best New Music: Turan – Persistence Of Memory EP

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Let me take you on a journey in and out of reality with the stunning new 5-track EP from London based newcomer Turan. That’s right, the man who has been continuously impressing us with every new song from his Persistence Of Memory EP has now released the entire project on TRIBE Records and it is clear to see from listening to the EP, that he is a man of artistic vision and beautiful creativity.

Turan is an equally adept producer, singer and multi instrumentalist and this is showcased on this brilliant new release where every song has its own sound and takes its own path but yet the overall creation flows so effortlessly like a film score, and invites the listener into his dreams. Even at a quick listen to the EP, Turan’s influences reveal themselves from Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd to Bill Withers and yet, he takes these influences and creates something unique and unknown. At one moment you will hear slow, spoken word vocals alongside delicate piano notes and then next Turan will be singing so perfectly, until suddenly there will be powerful aggressive rap layered on top of pounding production, which leaves the listener excited and on their toes wondering where Turan will take us next, or what the next track is going to reveal.

The EP kicks off with lead track “Departed”, which is an experimental mix of dark production, subtle and entrancing guitar textures, and earthy percussions that are all weaved together with Turan’s hypnotising and captivating lyrics. “Departed” has a cinematic feel, but still feels uniquely personal and in the depths of the track’s manic climax, it brings to light a further influence of Hans Zimmer. This track is where Turan’s extreme passion is portrayed so powerfully with his breath taking aggressive rap, and it really gives you an understanding of the man behind the music and the true potential of this young star in the making.

Next up to enchant my ears is the mostly instrumental track “Running” which is another true expression of Turan’s talents that is nothing short of musical perfection. It overflows with extreme emotional intensity, evoking some pretty artistic imagery. “Running” is testament to Turan’s versatilely as an artist, and this is where you begin to escape reality and join Turan in his dream world where nothing else seems to matter other then the soft, subtle and comforting sounds of Turan’s distant voice. Flowing straight into the song that I feel I can say is my favourite from the EP, is the stunning and compelling, more sombre track entitled “Alive”. A beautiful mix between spoken word and rap, this track is filled with honest lyrics and cleverly crafted gentle hooks that wake the audience up and with no puns intended, makes you feel alive and at peace.

Bringing the EP to a close is the powerfully poetic track “Memory” which is a perfect end to the ‘Persistence Of Memory’ journey and will leave the listener with a persistent memory of a world with Turan. This song is where you really gain an understanding of Turan’s production skills as they are so powerful and intricate throughout, and are layered with his intensely uplifting vocals which are utterly captivating on the riffs. The song then comes to an extreme end with a heavy rock break down, that is such a dramatic finale you almost feel as if you have just witnessed a first class live show, as there is so much atmosphere created, its pure genius.

The EP is named after the artist Salvador Dali’s painting, and this artistic connection that Turan so clearly demonstrates is layered into every song and every video he creates – this EP is an extension of his artistic vision and is such a stunning and intricate piece of art itself. When asked what he considered his music to be, Turan’s reply was “avant garde, passionate, and honest“, which even as a simple answer still feels poetic and just, making it clear Turan is his own definition of the word Artist.

Purchase: Turan – Persistence of Memory EP (iTunes)

Words by Kerrie Lobb // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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