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Best New Music: Weiss – I Believe


“I don’t make Deep House, or Tech House, whatever. I just make House music” – Weiss

Following the launch of the new music series by Toolroom Records entitled #RESET, we take a closer look at the artists that will be featuring on their new-look roster; first up is House DJ and producer Weiss, who in 2013 found himself being championed by the likes of Groove Armada, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, DJ Sneak and many others following the success of his hit single “My Sister”. The London based producer has been inspired by all forms of music; Shades Of Rhythm, Kate Bush, New Atlantic, 808 State and Chic are just a few among many.

Weiss invested his love and professional audio skills into his own body of work. Embracing house music’s rich heritage, the old school funk of the “Weiss City” series has illustrated his ability to understand and engineer some classic vocals and archetypal House beats without compromise. In what must have been his biggest compliment to date, the legend that is Green Velvet personally asked him to remix “Robots”, the result is another chart busting slice of house that has gained even more support from his peers.

The new beat from Weiss is a track entitled “I Believe”, this seven minute addition can only be described as a sound engineer’s dream, the meticulous placement of the vocal flourishes evident in this track, will leave you in no doubt about the time spent on this production. The throbbing bassline in its introduction gives way to high hats and snares that build at an almost frenetic pace throughout the track – an undoubted homage to the Jazz influences that have informed various productions by Weiss – that eventually leave you with the feeling of Alice in a house music rabbit hole.

Make no mistake this is by no means a generic electro offering and it won’t be to the taste of a lot of contemporary house music enthusiasts. With surrealist nods to forbears such as Larry ‘Mr. Fingers’ Heard plainly in evidence, this is a track most notable for its attention to detail. Stripped back and absolutely minimalist in nature, “I Believe” is the kind of old school house music with integrity that the #RESET series is all about.

Heard is renowned for his pioneering productions within the house music sphere; one of his most recognised tracks featured on 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas entitled “Can You Feel It?”, and Weiss is definitely carving out his own reputation as a contemporary tastemaker, “I Believe” conjures images of surrealist soundscapes – you can almost picture the cartoon video for this track, with its black background and psychedelic colours leading you through lands unknown – and it’s the combination of throbbing bassline, and Jack-in-the-box style vocal pop ups that make this track the treat it is.

The immaculate production of this piece gives you some idea of the passion of it’s creator. In little over eighteen months, Weiss has risen from obscurity to become one of Toolroom’s most talked about DJs and their ambassador for real House music. With an unparalleled ability to create unique and unforgettable tracks with the deepest jacking grooves, sharpest percussion and most delicate vocal treatment, Weiss is one of the leading lights in their #RESET campaign, taking Toolroom into the next decade of dance music.

The much anticipated and highly regarded “I Believe” is created by and for the lover of real House music, referencing the past and looking to the future. It’s all about the craftsmanship involved in the production, the emotions the track evokes and, most importantly, it’s about a great passion for House music.

Purchase: Weiss – “I Believe” (Beatport)

Words by Akua Ofei // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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