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Best New Music: Wilson – Tone Of Art EP

Wilson Tone of Art EP
It was only two years ago when London singer/songwriter Wilson released his debut EP Painted On Silence. The wonderfully crafted 6-track offering transported listeners to musical bliss and left us wanting more. His highly anticipated sophomore EP Tone of Art was released last Sunday, and like its predecessor, does not disappoint.

She Said” starts the EP off and the prelude is a perfect introduction. With artists like Wilson, there is a certain level of depth that is highlighted through their vulnerability. Wilson opens us up to this right away. There’s an uplifting meaning behind the short track as a complete stranger tells Wilson he has a story to tell. Sometimes all it takes is just one person. It’s a clever way of setting the scene for the ride he’s about to take his listeners on. Wilson isn’t just giving us good music, as the song tells he’s about to paint a picture through captivating storytelling.

This inspirational spirit continues with “Broken”. His soulful voice is powerful here. What I love is the way his voices changes through the track. He starts off tender, then naturally brings a level of power that is perfect for the song’s message. With lyrics such as “but I’ll never be broken”, you feel the emotion and the determination that comes from the strength in his voice. It speaks to your soul. There isn’t a complicated production, and it doesn’t need it. The live instruments and echoing produces a rather organic sound.

“Hide and Seek”:

As you listen, you’ll find that each track carries an instrumental production, it feels as if you are listening to a live band. “Hide And Seek” compared to the other tracks is more mid tempo. The drums and soft melodies paired with Wilson’s soulful croon give it a bluesy/jazz vibe. The lyrics though are proof to the growth he has made since his first EP. The same goes for “Stranger”, the story he tells in both tracks is thought provoking and pulls you in to his words. While his voice floats over the instrumentation flawlessly – it’s his words that matter. But as I mention vocals, I have to say his voice in “Stranger” is purely dream-like. The lush textures to it along with his heartfelt emotions are sonically beautiful. But let’s not forget there is a message to be heard. The creativity of his song writing impels you to listen closely.

Then comes “Love Junkie”, his tender tone is smooth as he sings about not being able to get enough of a special person. This is the song you listen to and instantly think of your personal love drug. Wilson perfectly encapsulates that “I want you, I need you” feeling through his voice. The soulful passion he sings with, grips you from the first second and while his lyrics are sensual, they are tasteful at the same time. He’s penned a song here for the grown folk. It’s one you can’t help but press repeat on.

“Love Junkie”:

The wait for new music from Wilson may have seemed long, but it was definitely worth it. The five tracks on this EP take us on a journey as each one flows perfectly onto the next and sonically captures the EP’s theme. Wilson’s ability to craft these impeccable songs just shows how much of a lover and expertise he is of real music. Here is an artist who dedicated time and made careful decisions to create a body of work that doesn’t just sound good but feels good. Everything from the lyrical imagery, production, and quality of sound is next level.

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Words by Chenae Rodrigues // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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