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Avery LR
Avery LR is a truly unconventional music artist who raps and rhymes about issues that concern the majority of people around the globe. Even though the street life is not a way of living for most of us, throughout his songs, Avery LR is concerned about far more issues.

The political circumstances, the ethical questions of what is right or wrong and relationship troubles are some of the many subjects he is dealing with as much as everybody else and he tries to balance those thoughts of his, in his music productions.

He is now living in Salt Lake City, Utah with his two kids, trying to be good enough for them and maintaining his own individuality and own personality in everything he is dealing with everyday. Even though in some of his songs, he may seems nihilistic, he struggles with his self-conscious and still dreams about ideals and visions.

On his 2017 mixtape Surviving, he delivered many remixes of popular hip hop songs such as “Panda”, “Lose Yourself” and many others, and even remixed music from other genres such as Adele’s popular single “Hello”. Avery LR transforms them all, and in so doing, he makes the songs his own, by bringing in a little bit of his own musical heritage.

His caustic rhymes in this mixtape are continuing into his own original music, and now with “Color Of Skin”, his latest release, he has the knowledge of transforming his causticity to productive thinking and positive tunes and vibes, being a role model for her young listeners and not someone who just had a tough life to sing about.

Without prejudice, his track “Color Of Skin” is all about being ok with your own identity no matter if you are different from the rest of the people around you. It is about your own character after all, no matter the color of your skin and that stands out throughout of the whole song.

With downtempo loops and cool baselines, this song is thought provoking and good for chilling out with yourself or your mates. You will enjoy its dynamicity and music message either way.

As he rhymes, it is not about judging. You don’t choose the color of your skin so you are equal with all the rest of the people. After all it is not the color you are that identifies you as a person but the character you have through your whole life, making the right or wrong decisions which you will carry for the rest of your life.

Another fantastic song of his is “One Dream”, you can watch the YouTube video below and get into the main idealistic culture that Avery LR tries to develop and promote to all of us about one dream and one vision that can change the world. If we only had that we could do so much more by being united and free at the same time.

Avery LR is a true hip hop artist making his way up to the top by delivering high quality rhymes and loops that stand out from the rest. His positive way of life and his love of hip hop music and also music generally saved him from his own demons as he finds his own sanctuary in this creative way.

He is not old, but he is old enough to be the master of his own life and not the victim. He has a long music history before him but the future is also waiting for him to be conquered and transformed and we all are going to be there to see him and his music goals accomplished, making music for all of us which is going to be noticed and loved.

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Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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