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We Plug To You… Adenikè

Adenikè Adenaike. A deliberate play on syntax? Maybe not. A stage name? Definitely not! That is actually her real name. ADENIKÈ means royalty in Yoruba (Nigeria) and rightly so. She has branded herself with the royal color – purple, her nickname is ‘Purple’ and from the press photo above, so is her hair and her brand but what about her music? I would have to concur that her music is just as awesome as the color purple… We plug to you, emerging R&B singer Adenikè.

I randomly stumbled upon Adenikè singing on one of her YouTube videos, and I was mesmerized. She has this sultry, well-controlled R&B voice that is soft and effortlessly delivered. Think BrandySade AduShola Ama, think Pureness. I wanted to hear more of Adenikè and I did find a few more of her cover performances here and there but I was not satisfied as her refreshing soulful vibe surely leaves you wanting more.Apparently, this lovely and sweet spirited 22-year old London Singer/Songwriter of Nigerian heritage was born with music in her bones and grew up listening to the sounds of classical music, hymns and Afrobeat that was played regularly in the house by her mother who happened to be a singer. At the age of seven she picked up the piano and the pen.
Taking baby steps at the beginning of her singing career, Adenikè performed as a backing singer for Kadija Kamara at the Jazz Cafe in 2009 and after that, got that motivation she needed to step out with her talents as a lead singer.She released her first single titled “Yes” in Sept 2011., a song she describes as being about “opening up to love”. Adenikè’s vocals on “Yes” remind me so much of Sade Adu with a slightly more R&B edge. ‘Yes’ is just purely gorgeous. Reminiscent of soulful 90’s R&B sounds, the song is a beautiful rendition and interpretation of a woman’s reflections of love and it comes as no surprise that it got her an interview on London’s Choice FM, a stellar feature on SB.TV‘s A64 series and short listed for MTV UK’s Brand New for 2012 competition.
She subsequently made a remix of “Yes” with fast-rising UK Hip-Hop artist, IKES and got burgeoning film maker Olan Collardy to produce and direct the quite stunning video for it and thousands of views later, it’s still a winner.

We Plug Good Music caught up with rising star Adenikè to get to know more about her and her music.
On her music and song writing – I write my songs, I don’t really have a single word or phrase to describe my music. I would say it’s a fusion of 90’s R&B, neo-soul with lots of emotion and a pinch of randomness, as you’ll hear from my future projects! I have a unique writing style definitely. The first song I wrote was when I was seven years old. I still remember all the words. I plan to bring on fresh soulful ballads with catchy choruses, emotional content and thought provoking lyrics to ignite change in the mind of each listener. I don’t just desire to make music but also make a change and be a positive voice in my generation. With every song or poem I write I find out more about myself and hope others will too.
On performing – I thought to myself this is what I want to do and I want to do this properly, using my vocal ability and vibrant personality to express myself in different ways on stage. You know, on stage you can adopt various personas and not have to make any excuses for it.
On her influences and dream collaborations – I grew up in a house where you would regularly hear the vibrant sound of African drums but also the angelic sound of old English hymns. I have the privilege of experiencing both cultures which has massively influenced my music. Amongst my many musical influences, are Rochelle Ferelle, the late Amy WinehouseBobby “Blue” BlandEva CassidyLedisiBrandy and one of my biggest inspirations, Eric Roberson. My musical formation went through listening to such jazz divas as Ella FitzgeraldBillie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan; I was later influenced by contemporary metropolitan popular music as well. Eric Roberson is one who I’d love to work with in the future. I’d also love to work with CommonJill Scott,AdeleEd Sheeran and Tinie Tempah. It’s quite a list but I just love their work!
For now though, we leave you with a little taste of more of Adenikè’s beautiful vocal musings by way of her latest offering after the successful release of “Yes”. Released around Valentine’s Day, Adenikè teams up with fellow emerging artist, the very talented J’Sun for this acoustic cover of “You and I” which was originally sung by Shei Atkins and Dallas Blocker. It is a lovely duet of hopeful love between a boy and a girl who have gone through some rough times together but are still positive about the future and both Adenikè and J’Sun sing it rather amazingly. Theirs is a beautiful rendition that will put you in the mood for love – piano driven with sweet soft vocals riding the milieu beautifully. Amazing vocals all around and so excellently blended too, enjoy.

Adenikè continues to warm hearts with liquid love flowing from her voice while her fans continue to slowly but surely increase in number with each song she puts out. It’s worth the wait to have some bluesy fresh melodies from her added to your playlist. Adenikè will be releasing a new single at the end of April 2012 so stay tuned and keep tabs on her. I am sure it will be as amazing as these two she has dished to us as appetizers. Watch out world!
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