WPGM Commentary: King Perry Lets His Feelings Come Up For Air On New EP ‘Continental Playlist’

Hi, I’m King Perry, a singer and songwriter. I was born in Port Harcourt and an interesting fact is I actually attended seminary school. I was going to become a reverend father which is a polar opposite to where I am today, regardless I’m grateful for this path my life has taken and the amazing experiences I’ve been privileged to experience along the way.

I’m thrilled to be putting out this uniquely crafted sound to the world. It’s taken a lot of dedication and experimenting to get here. I want to show the world what the new school of dancehall is in 2023 with my EP Continental Playlist.

The project is a fusion of afrobeats, pop, reggae and dancehall, combining a new school afro-dancehall sound which is my unique ‘Continental Sound’ fusing majorly afrobeats, dancehall, pop, reggae and whatever style that brings the best out the melodies that come to my mind.

So what are the elements that go into creating a Continental African sound? In bringing this project to life, I’m fortunate to have worked with some incredible people in the industry. I’m a big fan of everyone I worked with on the project. I can say I made music with people I legitimately admire in the industry. Big shout-out to Tekno, Victony, 1da Banton and Ria Sean.

For me, music has always been very personal, this playlist is an attempt to hone into the sounds I grew up listening to such as reggae and dancehall music by the likes of Bob Marley and Sean Paul, the Continental Playlist is me trying to seal my stance and assert my position as an innovator and trailblazer of this genre.

Most of the times I get inspired by people’s stories, but what mainly drives my creative process is self expression and letting my thoughts and feelings come up for air through my music.

Expressing myself could be me doing melodies that have been in my heart and they usually come with a message. Essentially, my process is rooted in personal stories, but my main drive is always self-expression. The most important thing to me while creating is remaining true to who I am as an artist.

The EP features seven tracks, with “On God” being the first track and a befitting introduction, setting the tone to retain the attention of those listening.

“On God” is a song of gratitude and thanksgiving, thanking God for how far I’ve come and how far I’ll still go with Him by my side. It’s basically me saying you’re not alone when you have God, because this project is my first project as an independent artist, so it’s just basically me thanking God for how far I’ve come.

And then “Tight Condition” is a feel-good song, and it’s just me saying I was in a tight spot with a girl, because she put me in that position. And that could be anything because being in a tight condition in our current times could be you not having enough to meet expectations, which just taints what genuine love is supposed to feel like.

I’ve always wanted to release a project like Continental Playlist, and this is actually just the beginning, because there’s going to be more ‘Continental Playlists’ from me in the future.

It was nicely selected and curated and there’s going to be another project coming this year, so the idea was to create something for the original King Perry lovers to enjoy.

Listen to Continental Playlist below and stream it everywhere else here!

Words by King Perry // Follow him on Instagram + Twitter

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