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We Plug To You… Chaney

Meet Chaney, a 19-year-old multitalented artist from the South West area creating funky and fresh music from his home studio in Swindon.

Theo Altieri, first began his musical career playing in bands from the young age of seven, originally as a drummer, but once he got hooked on songwriting and guitar playing, he began gigging and playing regularly to local crowds as a solo performer. At around the age of 16, with a hand full of releases and shows under his belt, Theo was picked up by Warner/Chappell Music and signed a publishing deal.

With such positive success and experiences from a young age it has allowed Theo to experiment with different sounds, playing in bands and now creating a thoroughly exciting new project, Chaney.

“I have been getting more involved in music production as well as writing and performing,” he tells us. This as well as working with Mark Ralph (Years & Years‘ producer) and finally signing a deal with RCA Records, home to the likes of Kings Of Leon.

The first release from the new project, Chaney, was single “Ready When You Need Me” announced as an exclusive on BBC Introducing in the West on Sunday evening. The track is a perfect example of what is to come from the project and complete vibe change for the teenager. A feel good and upbeat, funk filled dance track that will make you want to get your groove on, no matter where or when.

There are so many exciting sounds working together perfectly, similar to a Daft Punk sounding record, with the groovy guitar rifts and distinctive vocals from Theo himself.

“I have always listened to a wide range of music and have taken a lot of influences from dance music, culture and bands, but I always try to bring something slightly different and genuine to it – being from Swindon, a rather small and local kind of place allows me to really do that”.

With so many fresh artists growing and releasing music every month, makes it challenging for people to be noticed and appreciated, so it is really promising when such talented people are getting the recognition that they deserve.

“I’m very proud to be in the position from the industry supporting what I’m doing and making it possible for me to do what I do best, day to day. It’s been amazing having so many industry heads, producers and writers investing time in the project and being at the stage of first releases, I feel real excited”.

With previous experience of being in bands and performing live on stage a certain way, the live set up is something that has had to be rethought of from the mutli-instrumentalist who describes his set as “a cross over between being at a mad party but with structure, solid stories and bass lines underneath”.

As live music is a huge part being an artist, Chaney admits, “I’m really excited to play more gigs and have always wanted to do a set at Glastonbury, among other festivals which I will hopefully be playing in the future. Above all, making an album that makes everyone want to stroll out of their houses and walk to work with a pair of Maracas like Bez”. Now that’s the attitude to have!

With writing still to be completed for the new records and writing sessions with producers booked in the diary, we are thrilled to hear that new music is on the way with an album to follow.

“I always try my best to write instant sounding lyrics and melodies and generally take a lot of inspiration from the kind of life style I live in a small town, where I feel the majority of people can relate”. Well he’s made a wonderful impression so far and we are elated for the new music and what is to come for Chaney.

Also visit his Theo Altieri Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Spotify pages to keep tabs on Chaney.

Words by Mia Woloszczynska

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