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Her musical style is a blend of Soul, R&B and Jazz. Easy listening and feel good, slow tempo music that pulls you into a mellow groove, music for the mature, all the way. We plug to you, California-based Nigerian-born Singer/Songwriter Douyé. Douye’s music comes blended to perfection, rich in rhythm & Soul with a splash of Jazz; her sound is soulful and captivating. With smoky, sensual vocals that are reminiscent of Sade and often compared to Anita Baker, Douyé holds her own as she steps up to center stage with her new project, which is due to be released later in the Spring. Co-written entirely with her long time co-writer, renowned British songwriter Terry Shaddick, Douye describes the songs on the new album as “inspired by life experiences“.

This album reflects growth and who I am musically,  I love the creative process of making music and how one can breathe life into a song, sometimes, almost immediately after writing it; it’s a special feeling that gives complete satisfaction to the soul.

As a child, Douyé listened to great Jazz singers such as Dinah Washington, Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald among other Jazz, Pop and Soul artists music owned by her parents, played in the home. In no time, her father, “Landy” quickly realized the interest Douyé had for music and encouraged her to pursue her musical dream. As a part of her musical journey, Douyé traveled to Europe and later migrated to the United States to study at the acclaimed Musicians Institute (MI) in the heart of Hollywood, California. It was at MI that she was introduced to renowned British producer and songwriter Terry Shaddick. Shortly after that, Terry and Douyé teamed up and wrote the songs on her debut  album Journey.

The first single from Douyé’s sophomore project is titled “Life Is Good” and it features Eric Marienthal. Written by Douye and Terry Shaddick and produced by Dapo Torimiro, the song has been gaining attention both in the United States and in Europe; it climbed up the UK Jazz/Soul Chart, making it to number 9 and has been getting consistent spins on radio stations. “Life Is Good” is an upbeat vibrant tune that immediately puts the listener in a happy mood with its lush bass guitar patterns and horn arrangements driving the music. Douye says she was inspired to write this song by everyday simple pleasures of life and the beautiful things of life that lights up her mood, like nature. 

“I was inspired to write this song by the true sense of nature and life and simple things like going for a walk at the park and how such things can easily elevate one’s mind and energy level, such things gives me reason to be grateful and to recognize that Life Is Good”.

From her debut album Journey, “Golden Days” featuring Rick Braun is a very slow-tempo piano driven song with Douye delivering her vocals beautifully and deliberately with intent phrasing. The song’s lyrics are about childhood experiences and how simple yet rewarding they can be. About the song, Douye states that, “we grow up not taking into perspective how much our childhood experiences shapes and affects our adulthood; sometimes, I reminisce about my childhood and how simple and carefree life was, it was golden and that’s how the title came about”. Alongside the piano arrangements, horns again play a prominent role musically in this piece coupled with some minimal drums – the arrangement is simple, yet lazily beautiful.

You’re The Only One“, which is also from her forthcoming sophomore album is – like the rest of Douye’s songs we’ve heard so far – written by her and longtime collaborator Shaddick, with American producer Chris Sholar on production. Slightly upbeat and fully channeling some 80’s R&B with its drum arrangements and synth-heavy keys, the song talks about the complexity of what love is. Douye states that “this song shows the various  shades of love, love sweet, love is pain, love patience, love is acceptance, love is foolishness, and you go through these motions when you are truly in love with someone”. The music and arrangement is quite reminiscent of smooth old-school jam on a romantic dance floor. Caress your ears below…

Last but not least, Douye steps out of the box and connects to her African heritage with a tribute to the Afrobeat legend – Fela Anikulapo Kuti. “So Much Love” is one of her latest works from the upcoming album and on this song, Douye laces her soulful jazzy vocals on an Afrobeat rhythm – infusing some afro-lingo and vocal mannerisms like the signature ‘Shakara’ and ‘eh’ sounds in certain sections of the tribute song – quite interesting. The music was produced by Baba Ken Okulolo. Douye’ wrote this song based on her love, appreciation and respect for the late Fela Kuti’s music and movement. Douye indicates that she grew up listening to Fela’s music regularly at home with her family and that she admired his fearless attitude and the fact that Fela was a voice to the people and for the people. I’ll leave you to form your own feelings about Douye’s twist on this Afrobeat laden track, I must say the ending is quite classic…

On the forthcoming new album, Douyé and Shaddick, once again capture her distinct sound that is timeless, smoky and refreshing. With a voice that sounds as smooth as chocolate; Douyé and her team came up with the idea to create her own brand of chocolate, simply called “Douyé”. As to how this silky Jazz, Pop, Contemporary artist feels about her new music project, she simply says “bella”. Douye is a singer, whose inviting voice possesses depth and passion and such qualities certainly resonates in this project. Led by courage and perseverance, a father’s dream and having the gift of song, this artist is definitely going places.

Purchase: Douye – Journey (iTunes) // “Life Is Good” (iTunes) // “You’re The Only One” (iTunes)

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