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We Plug To You… Kill Paris

Kill Paris
It’s not easy to forget a name like Kill Paris, but it’s even harder to forget the infectious music that this producer makes. Kill Paris (otherwise known as Corey Baker) has been making big waves in the ever-expanding world of Electronic Dance Music, with his distinctive melodic style of chopped and screwed remixes. Going through his catalogue of tracks, you would think that there isn’t a single song that Kill Paris is afraid to re-work.

Rudimental’s “Feel The Love”, Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell”, Force M. D.’s “Tender Love, and even the theme song to Ghostbusters have all been pretty much rendered unrecognisable (in a good way) under his heavy synths and drum machines. But it’s not just remixes, Kill Paris has a varied range of original songs too. He has been working with vocalists on his newer offerings such as “Falling In Love Again” featuring Marty Rod and Alma, and has mentioned also trying his hand at song-writing.

Originally from Indiana, Colorado, Kill Paris has had somewhat of a musical road trip around the US. From playing bass in Country music bands in Tennessee, to DJing in small-town Florida, Kill Paris later moved to LA where he worked on his first major EP To A New Earth, before settling in Colorado where he is currently based. Clearly the guy doesn’t mind moving around! Given the various locations and his many music influences (Al Green, Daft Punk, 2Pac, Scrillex, and George Michael), it’s almost impossible to try and define Kill Paris’ music style.

It has been called Trap, Dubstep, Love-step, Electro-House, Funk and Melodic Glitch-Hop to name a few. The man himself has previously described it as ‘Future Funk’ but he is well aware of his changing sound, saying “I really dislike falling in a niche and doing what is easy. The more I challenge myself, the more prosperous my music becomes“. Well for EDM newbies like myself who are still turning down “for what?!”, there is at least no denying that Kill Paris knows how to make a beat drop. Unless you’re dead-set on hearing that Ghostbusters remix first, I would recommend the heavy-hitting “Baby Come Back” as the first song to get stuck in your head.

“Baby Come Back”:

The heavy-hitting song samples/completely mashes up a 70’s track of the same name by the band Player. Avid YouTube watchers may also recognise this song, as it has been the background music of choice for particular YouTubers, which actually comes as no surprise. It’s really easy to imagine “Baby Come Back” as the intro/outro music to a slo-mo, fish eye lens vlog about travelling or skateboarding or something. The song is a mix of catchy melodies, gritty vibrations and an unapologetic bass that is hard to sit still to.

On the more mellow side (if ever you can call it that), songs like “Catch You“, “Silence Of Heartbreak” and “Falling In Love Again” which was recently featured by Mista Jam on BBC Radio 1Xtra, are a little more calm if you are not into the heavy EDM sounds. The songs “Catch You” and “Float” are even at times more reminiscent of Daft Punk than say the Lil’ Jon hit song (to an amateur ear anyway!).

“Falling In Love Again”:

With his latest EP Foreplay released earlier this year, Kill Paris remains a busy man. Aside from touring the US and Canada (hopefully a UK tour is in his future), Kill Paris devotes time to building his own label, aptly named Sexy Electric. So far two tracks have been released by chief songstress Alma, “Avalanches” and “Ashes To Ashes”, both ‘dubstep-mixed-with-a-little-somethingsomething’ type of songs, in true Kill Paris style. As you can see, there is no doubt more to come from Kill Paris, a producer who is somewhat new but is recognised for his distinctive old-school groove.

His sound may vary from song to song, but it simply suggests that there will typically be something for everyone in the Kill Paris discography. So go ahead and have a listen, you can come back later and tell us what song you’ve been nodding along to all day! Dig into Kill Paris’ Soundcloud page here for some free tracks, and purchase his Foreplay EP on iTunes here.

Keep Tabs On Kill Paris: Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter

Words by Tomi Olujide // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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