We Plug To You… Nick de la Hoyde

Multi-talented Australian singer, rapper and songwriter Nick de la Hoyde has all the right combinations in his life and in his music, of being a healthy role model for teenagers and generally people from all around the world.

He was only 15 years old when he decided to leave his home town, Sydney in Australia to follow his dreams of becoming a football star in the far away city of Barcelona in Spain. Only that when he was living there, it was then clear to him, that except the fun-times or the long football practice hours, there were some difficult moments that he had to face.

When he was dealing with those moments, his only breakthrough was writing down his feelings and his thoughts and rhyming about them, as a way to just overcome them. By having that powerful approach, maybe he didn’t become a football star but he started getting more and more involved into his music, and eventually by having a dynamic and healthy persistence in this new goal, he became the well-known music artist that inspires and fascinates many young people today all around the globe.

While having this introverted need to write his thoughts, after a while, he had varied inspirations like putting his experiences, whether good or bad, on paper and in rhyme, as well as the things that he was finding interesting, his dreams, his beliefs and generally expressing his true self, having the dream that he could one day connect to different people and make them feel and become affected by his music, and evolve with his fresh though provoking music propositions.

As time passed by, he became more and more known across social media, and also as a symbol for young dreamers, youthful goals and youthful determination that all of us should have, regardless of our age, our nationality or our economical status. His music is distinct, with a lot of genres mixed together – having hip hop and R&B sounds combined with rock and pop elements.

The outcome of which is very attractive, lush and can change the mood and excite the listener with a smooth rhythmic intensity. Also when using spoken words, he is crisp and intense, balancing his instrumental and lyrical acoustics and creating a deeply astonishing sound outcome. He is a true artist, having just about the right amount of challenging emotive intensity and vulnerability, combined with a down to earth and sometimes hypnotizing music aesthetics in his songs.

All those characteristics of his music identity are blended in his most recent single release entitled “Thinking Bout You”. In it, he is using a basic R&B danceable beat of an older era with an uplifting electronic music tone and also highlights the track with his unconventional lyrics, singing about a previous very intimate relationship of his.

This song is also very dear and intimate to him because, he is collaborating with his brother, Joseph (ZuZu) de la Hoyde, who produced the track. So it is definitely a firing pop “family” music outcome which is going to excite even people that aren’t acquainted with Nick’s unique music signature yet.

As he stated in a recent interview with Twist, “sometimes it’s better for me to write down what’s on my mind instead of leaving it left alone in my head, so that’s exactly what I did when we started writing ‘Thinking Bout You’”. So with those few words, he is definitely sincere and more approachable for all of his fans to be inspired by him and follow him even more.

At only 22 years old now, Nick de la Hoyde is a role model and a young artist who is living his most creative decade and already has established his music “brand” by embarking on the career that he loves and having the characteristics of a true young idol with his determination, his faith in himself, his will and his power to never give up and always fight for the things that he wants and believes.

As the years pass by, he is becoming wiser and more involved into his positive energy and I am sure that he is going to be one of the music artist that isn’t going to fade out as the years go by. Keep tabs on Nick de la Hoyde on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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