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We Plug To You… Ryan De La Cruz

In this new era of music, truth in terms of an artist’s persona is becoming more apparent and accepted in the industry. Ryan De La Cruz – real name Rayan Itsan Indanda – could be classed as the new voice for the deep, dark, underground sound hidden within our society today. Born from a Congolese decent in Cricklewood, North West London, Del La Cruz taught himself how to sing and dance at the tender age of 12, now how is that for talent?

Born into a Christian family, he attended church regularly and eventually began to sing in the choir with fellow church members. This is where Mr. De La Cruz mastered his singing talents and became this voice we all hear so clearly. A year or two later, Ryan moved to east London which he didn’t know was in fact one of the most beneficial things that would happen to him in his musical career. After moving to East London, he began networking and showcasing his talent at many different talent shows, and oh yeah, he was only 14 years old!

After grabbing the attention of Ben Drew (primarily known as Plan B), Ryan was invited play a lead role in a film that Plan B both wrote and directed Ill Manors, this then gave Ryan depth in terms of experience and allowed him to grow in a way he thought he never would! After he received the role of Jake, Ryan didn’t stop there! He pursued his singing career and was offered a deal with Plan B’s recording imprint on Sony Music. After this great leap in his career, he humbly continued his music and acting career featuring in various short films, and on various EPs and mixtapes from the UK’s new generation.

Furthering his career on TV, Ryan recently filmed for the MTV show Judge Geordie, expressing the problems and altercations he faces as an artist in the UK music industry. There is not rest for the wicked! Ryan continues to further his career by releasing his debut mixtape Hiroshima next month, featuring singles and remixes of some of the UK’s hottest underground tracks. His Soundcloud page features tracks from his mixtape, which he mostly produced and wrote himself. He has definitely came a long way from practicing riffs and scales at his home in Cricklewood, don’t you think? His mixtape takes various lyric based ideas from the UK Rap and Grime scene, and fuses them with his own individuality creating a unique true urban sound.

This isn’t all Ryan De La Cruz has been working on. While working on his debut mixtape, he has been working closely with Bunchezz Black, a producer that has recently been making his entrance in the music industry. Ryan features heavily on Bunchezz Black’s highly anticipated EP along with another closely associated singer called Levelle London. Ryan also features on a slot as a radio personality on new internet radio station Radar Radio.

With so much in the pipeline, Ryan De La Cruz is the UK’s best kept secret, and as he prepares for the release of many different EPs and mixtapes he features on, plus the release of his own record Hiroshima, hand created by himself – a true artist! From working with Plan B to working with the newest up and coming talent like Levelle London and Bunchezz Black, Ryan De La cruz is most definitely holding the torch of support for the UK urban scene. What will be next in store for the underground’s most anticipated singer-songwriter?

Keep Tabs on Ryan De La Cruz: Facebook // Soundcloud // Twitter

Words by Kay Agyemang

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