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WPGM Commentary: Anna Graceman On Her New Album ‘The Way The Night Behaves’ – Track By Track

I’m Anna Graceman and The Way The Night Behaves is the title of my new album. I grew so much while creating this album. I had challenged myself at the beginning of 2019 to release a song and video every month for the year and this album is made up of those 12 songs, along with two new ones. It was a lot. I was wearing a lot of hats and learning to do things I’d never done before.

Not only was I completely involved in the music, but I was also co-directing videos, creating album art, running the business side and much more. Even though it was extremely overwhelming at times, I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s been such a rewarding experience. This album is very personal. I’ve poured a little bit of my heart into every song.


A “fragile handle with care” sticker is what inspired this song. When you think of the word “fragile” it sounds like a negative thing. The definition is “easily broken or damaged” but I thought, why not twist it into a positive? The lyrics describe being so in love and vulnerable with someone that you fall to pieces when they walk in the room.

Man On The Moon

This song is about calling out someone who’s being distant in a relationship. I’ve experienced it before, but when writing the song, I wasn’t telling my story. I just let the ideas flow and out of the blue “man on the moon” popped into my head.

Playing Pretend

There are so many ideas of what’s normal, what’s acceptable, what you’re supposed to look like, how you’re supposed to act, etc. This song shares an important message and that is to be who you are. Each of us are different and I think we should embrace those things. Being real is beautiful.

Good Things

It can be challenging writing something upbeat and feel-good without it coming across cheesy. But this song instantly makes you wanna dance. It makes you happy, saying all the things to bring you into a confident and positive light. The whole goal of this song was to create an energy to put the listener in the mindset of “I can do anything!” It’s just fun!

Bad For Me

We all have a vice. Maybe more than one. I wrote this song because almost anyone can relate to feeling controlled by their vices, whether it be habits, people, or substances. It’s dark and gritty but still has a catchy energy. It’s honestly one of my favorite tracks!

Slow Motion

We can’t stop time, but we can do our best to live in the moment. That’s what this song talks about. The idea of moving in slow motion is just another way of saying, let’s enjoy the little things. I feel like it would be the perfect “first dance” song at a wedding.

Sunny Point Drive

The title was inspired by the area I grew up in. It wasn’t the street I grew up on or the neighborhood. It was just a particular part of town referred to as ‘Sunny Point’. I grew up in Juneau, Alaska and it rains a lot there.

This song is nostalgic for me because I think of those rare sunny days growing up as a kid. The energy is soulful, and it captures that feeling of being young, hopeful and carefree.

Keep On Moving On

We all have things that we go through. Might be just one bad day or a huge event that changes your entire life. Regardless of what it is, all we can do is work through it step by step. It’s honest about how challenging it can be to persevere but is lined with hope. The simple message is powerful. Especially at the end when all the background vocals come in!


I lost a loved one very suddenly. They were from California. The day after they passed, I had this entire chorus pop into my brain all at once. There are little memories etched into this song. Personal things that only a few people can decode. I’ve had many loved ones from California pass away. This song is a way of honoring them.

Autumn Day

A couple years ago in October, I went through something that drastically changed my perspective. It was the first time I’d ever really feared for my life. I felt in that moment how fragile life really was. How quickly things could change.

I was with a loved one. I wrote the song, produced it and recorded all the vocals within two days of the event. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and completely inspired.

Knock On Wood

Being in a deep relationship can be scary. Opening up leaves us vulnerable to getting hurt. In this song the phrase “knock on wood” refers to the fact that most of the time, we have no option other than to hope we are not betrayed by the ones we trust or love.

Runnin’ To Me
Having feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way is painful. The perspective of this song could be perceived in different ways. But whatever scenario it might be, one person is all in and believes the relationship will last and the other is looking for something else.

Originally it was written over mid-tempo, R&B production. After the session I went home and sang the song as a piano/vocal. I decided to strip it down. Personally, I think the lyrics and melodies speak for themselves.


Maybe you’re in a relationship or maybe you just have a crush. But once those three little words pop up, they tend to sit at the back of your mind. The idea of those words slipping out resonated with me because I think we all have a fear of saying, “I love you” at the wrong time. Even though the mindset of this song is, “oh my gosh I can’t believe I just said that”, it’s lighthearted and sweet.

Night Follows

I went through something really traumatic a little while back. I didn’t know what to do except write about it. Except I couldn’t write about it. There were plenty of emotions to draw from, plenty of inspiration but for some reason I couldn’t find the write words to say exactly how this experience made me feel.

After an entire year of trying to come up with the right idea, I started writing this song. It’s a metaphor for the fears, burdens and past experiences that follow us around. I wanted to tell my story in a way that was personal to me but that could also apply to other people’s stories.

The title of my album The Way The Night Behaves is a line from this song. I think it’s powerful. In the context of the song it means something very personal to me. As the title of the album, it might been something different to someone else. It’s been healing to write this song. I’m grateful to share my experiences through music.

Listen to my The Way The Night Behaves album below!

Words by Anna Graceman // Follow him on Facebook + Instagram

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