WPGM Commentary: Adeline On Her New EP ‘Intérimes’ – Track By Track

My name is Adeline, pronounced [ad-uh-leen]. I was born and raised in Paris and am based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m a singer, bass player, songwriter and producer. I am releasing an EP called Intérimes and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Here’s how the record came about.

Stay Up

“Stay Up” came out of a jam session with my band. I think it’s not a coincidence that I ended up putting this song first on the EP, it is in a way the “beginning of a new sound” song.

I started working on Intérimes after a long series of shows with my band. I evolved a lot as a writer and producer during that time and that evolution made me lean naturally towards a more “organic” sound.

We wanted to capture the chemistry that was created live and take it to the studio. So we set up a few days of straight jam sessions with my band and recorded everything. “Stay Up” was one of the first grooves that we came up with.

The hook came to me pretty quickly and I then called up my close friend Jonathan Singletary to help me with the verses. “Stay Up” in the cheeky flirty side of love. But I wanted this one to feel a bit feminist and give the woman the upper hand when it comes to who decides what and when.


“Middle” is about inner conflict. This track actually came to life during a writing session while working on something else and getting super frustrated. My production partner Morgan Wiley – who co-produced all the songs on the project – had the great idea of saying: “hey let’s just work on something else and come back to that later”.

The tension between the bass and the drums gave me this feeling of floating in sticky air with no way of either landing nor taking off. I’ve experienced that feeling so many times and have watched close friends be in it too.

Whether it’s quitting a job, leaving a relationship or dealing with depression, no one teaches us how to truly know what our inner voice says when we have to make a decision. In love, Middle is about the moment before the “twilight” in a relationship when your inner voice is telling you that things are not working but you are not able to hear it yet.


“Twilight” is about a relationship that’s ending. It’s that particularly painful moment when you realize that it’s over. You have nothing left to give and there’s nothing left to say. The twilight is the period from dawn to sunrise or sunset to dusk. It’s the moment of realization that there is a transition coming. It’s saying goodbye to something while saying hello to the next.

It’s not something that I am going through personally. But I have definitely been there before. The subject matter came to me through the music. The chords ran something nostalgic to me. Musically it’s a favorite because it sits in a place in my range where it’s almost uncomfortable which somehow brings out the emotion even more. It’s also one of my favorites to play on bass.

Just Another Day

“Just Another Day” is about the love that’s hidden. The love that you didn’t choose. Mainly it is my homage to the gay community and the difficulty that they have gone through in order to make their love accepted to the world.

I have witnessed people close to me struggle with coming out. I was there when they were loving someone in secret and I was there when they found the strength to express that love in public. And that takes an incredible amount of strength.

After Midnight

I don’t do disco as much as I used to anymore but it would be so difficult for me to put out a whole EP without one track to dance to! “After Midnight” is all about the bass line and the groove. I wanted it to feel fun, fresh and funky.

It’s a celebration of freedom. You have a crush on somebody and you’re ready to take it to the next level. You feel the butterflies, it’s summertime, you’re not looking for something serious but you really like that person and you are open to all the possibilities.

Planet Caravan

I was on the road with my band and this song came on the playlist in the van. Hearing it in this context gave me the idea to try and cover it. We’ve tried a lot of covers and most of them didn’t stick. This one felt right from the beginning. We wanted to put our own twist to it and we found inspiration with P Funk, Outkast and Black Sabbath themselves of course.

Si C’est Pour Jamais

This is “Just Another Day” in French and I wrote it with my brother Redge who’s an incredible singer/songwriter based in Paris.

Listen to my Intérimes EP below!

Words by Adeline // Follow her on Facebook + Instagram

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