WPGM Commentary: BLK Find Their Sound And Each Other On Their Debut EP ‘Girl Magic’

Bonjourrrr our name is BLK, a Toronto Based trio which stands for Bexk, Lilac X & Khatalia Korahjay.

Every time anyone asks us how we came to be, we tell them that the stars aligned then so did we. But here’s the more in depth version. How we came together is pretty simple, we clicked instantly and haven’t looked back since – the universe said let there be BLK!

We were each invited to a session by Lincoln Blache from Made In Sauga to vibe and write on Saturday the 22nd of June 2019. We ended up writing our first song together “F.W.M”, our second single we released, and ever since we’ve been rocking with each other making memories, reaching goals and creating milestones!

The creation of our first EP has been an inspiring and eye opening journey; finding each other as we find our sound. Over the time we’ve been together our team has continued to expand. We have been able to work with amazing producers, mixers and engineers such as Keith Bell, Aliby and Pops to create EP 1 Girl Magic.

The sound of BLK isn’t just its members Bexk, Lilac X and Khatalia Korahjay, it’s ALL the members who make the sound and so often is the appreciation not given; We give flowers to our team mates. We also had the opportunity to work with Grammy royalty T minus, which was an amazing experience; not just the music but as well the person. Some people celebrate at the end of the road and we celebrate as we walk along it.

What makes BLK different than a traditional girl group is that we were each solo artists before we were brought together to form this super girl group. We have a sound that no one has heard before! A collaboration of worlds in a harmonious clash, we are the Shegos to the Migos. Though we are often compared to the legends of TLC: Crazy Sexy Cool, we are instead Savage Saucy Sexy; let us tell you who we are.

Bexk is a Toronto & Barbadian native who grew up surrounded by music and her close family members who are Calypso artists. She’s the sexy savage of the group who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or express herself, she’s the wild child. She began her music career three years ago, two of which have been with BLK.

Mainly inspired by rap, soul and RnB, Bexk loves to blend genres, switch flows and her cadence – the best way to describe it is a vibeeee! The rapper/singer is known for her clever word play and sexy lyrics and ability to push and break boundaries whether it’s music or serving looks, embracing both her tom-boy and girly sides – creating a well rounded baddie!

Lilac X was born in Toronto and spent a ton of her adolescence in Montréal where her mother was born and her remaining immigrated family lives.

With such a diverse ethnic background she’s been influenced by many genres, finding a blended sound with an acquired taste. Daughter to both musicians, music was always naturally in the cards. Watching her Aunt in soca, touring with her mother, etc she would dabble for years before picking up those cards and playing them herself.

Lilac X is the mystery sauce to the group, you never know what you’re going to get but guaranteeing “you’ll be licking your fingers”. A mermaid on land, her melodic flow will drag you to the depths of the sea. “She is water, powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you, deep enough to save you”. Oh yeah keep your eyes peeled for those anime references ‘ahe he he’.

Khatalia Korahjay was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and grew up in a Jamaican household. Her father was a dancer and a DJ and her mother used to sing. She fell in love with music at the age of 6 where she would perform for everyone and anyone. Whether it was dancing or singing, Khatalia loves putting on a show.

Khatalia Korahjay embodies sexy cool with her modelesque image and poise attitude but she also carries a very wild raw side, with her free spirited personality that shows through her artistry and way of life. She is a walking paradox, and she is whoever she wants to be whenever she wants to be. If you ever think you fully know her, think again, she is bound to surprise you.

With our first EP Girl Magic and docuseries Living: BLK out now, the future of BLK is bright and exciting, it’s a world takeover. I hope y’all ready! Stay tuned for BLK everything! And that’s on what? Periodt.

Listen to our Girl Magic EP below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by BLK // Follow them on Twitter + Instagram

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