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WPGM Commentary: BLVCK VIØLET Are Scared Of Emotional Attachments On ‘Mi Amor’

Hey! We are BLVCK VIØLET, an RnB duo based in Dorset. We are called Haz and Sam and came together at the beginning of 2022 after working together for a few months on our solo projects.

We picked up pretty quickly that we worked very well together and were ploughing out songs like there was no tomorrow so thought we’d give it a go as a duo act. Sam and I met through a strange twist of fate and we’re both so glad it did.

Haz originally asked me to perform at a gig he was organising but COVID stopped it from happening and we kept in touch for a few months after. Haz then reached out about me jumping on one of his solo songs. Sam got the verse back in 2 days and it was insane so we had a chat about promo when Sam asked where I live and it was coincidentally only 30 minutes away from where he did, we met up the next week and hit it off straight away.

When we make music, we like to make it relatable. Whether it be relationships, friendships or just life. With “Mi Amor” we wanted to keep doing that but have some fun with it. In today’s world where people are so scared of an emotional attachment, it is pretty common that people are left hurt because it’s been a one-sided thing and someone is just in it for some fun. “Mi Amor” is the embodiment of this toxicity that is rampant in our society right now.

The initial inspiration for this song was actually Mabel’s song “Crying On The Dancefloor”, we heard it and loved it but wanted to flip it on its head so that the girl was left crying on the dancefloor.

Haz came up with the lyrics in the chorus “I’ll call you Mabel, ‘cause I left you crying on the dancefloor” pretty much straight away and we kind of went from there, the main hook of the song “Mi Amor” didn’t actually come until a little bit later in the writing process.

We wrote this super quickly as well, it was the first time we had a session at Sam’s house so the new environment must’ve got the creative juices flowing. We had pretty much the whole song, production and vocals, done in about 3 hours which is crazy. We took it straight to our mixing engineer and knew we had to get this one release ready.

Once all the mix had been done and we sat on it a while we were super keen to get a music video done too. We only had one music video out at this point so it was both wanting to get more content but also feeling this was the right one to take more time on.

We got on it right away and reached out to Sam’s cousin because her boyfriend, Dave, is an unreal videographer. He’s worked with Mahalia, Capital Xtra and others of that calibre so we thought it was worth the ask if he could do a video for us within our budget. He agreed and we then started building the ideas and how we wanted it to look.

With the song as it is, we wanted the video to reflect the same kind of style and just have it looking cool, we didn’t have a story really in mind or anything. We just wanted good locations and cool shots to make the video interesting. We ended up filming all over London, we were hoping to film at the Barbican but got carted off there pretty quickly!

We loved working with Dave and have got something lined up with him again for another song we’ve got coming. This one is more story based and is for the lead track of the EP we have coming in January so we really want to make it special.

Watch the music video for “Mi Amor” below!

Words by BLVCK VIØLET // Follow them on Instagram + Twitter

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