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WPGM Commentary: Deniz Love Believes All Things Come And Go On His Debut Album ‘All Waves Pass’

My name is Deniz Love 🙂 and I am an indie singer/songwriter and producer from Houston, Texas. My debut album, All Waves Pass, expresses the various moods that I experience throughout my personal growth.

When covid went down, I had a realization that I wasn’t really being myself in the everyday aspects of life. I think it just took taking that step back and looking at myself in the bigger picture (aka everyone thinking their life is at risk all the time). I realized I wasn’t always being true to myself and that I needed to go within.

I also felt like I wasn’t the only person who was going through changes like that and there was a story to be told. My name, Deniz, means the sea in Turkish, and as a dual citizen of the United States and Turkey, I wanted to tie in my heritage by using the ocean as an inspiration for many of my themes on the album.

As a child, I was always drawn towards the sea. My mother would tell me that I could spend hours in the water and never get tired of it. It wasn’t until I was about 10 that I was told what my name really meant.

I began to understand the similarities that the sea and the waves shared with life overall. The mysteries that the ocean had to offer drew me towards it more and more. All Waves Pass is a parallel to the idea that all things in life come and go.

There comes waves of happiness. There comes waves of sadness, growth, success, hardship, and struggle. We are nothing without the ups and downs. Waves also have a similar quality with the way they bring someone up and can take them down.

This album means so much to me also because I produced over half the tracks and collaborated with some insanely talented songwriters and friends. The influences range from alternative and hip-hop, to indie and R&B. I truly believe that this is one of those albums where there’s a song for everyone.

We’re also going on our first tour off this album. When I say we, I mean me and my band. This will be my first time in many of the cities we will be playing in including places like Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and El Paso.

The fun but challenging part about these days as an independent artist is that we have no booking team or tour managers; we do it all ourselves. I personally booked our whole tour. We teamed up with our buddy’s Strawberry Milk Cult and Max Diaz so we were able to book some pretty big venues like The Heights Theater, Paper Tiger, and more.

I plan on filming a music video for one of the songs off the album. I just don’t know which one friends and fans are going to resonate with the most. I kind of want them to decide. If all goes as planned we’d like to go on a Leg 2 of our tour throughout the midwest and east coast.

I think that this album will resonate with others as much as it did with me. With 12 tracks, I think there’s a song for everybody. Ranging from carefree, late night driving with the windows down songs, to moody violin sections on top of distorted guitar, I can honestly say my album has everything.

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a body of work, or maybe even find out something you didn’t know about yourself, this is the time to tune in. All Waves Pass is about taking the ups and downs of life as they come. We can’t anticipate everything, and we can’t be in control of what has happened or what will happen. It always just is what it is.

Words by Deniz Love // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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