WPGM Commentary: Six Easy Ways To Watch Live Music Concerts Online

In this digital era, the world is getting closer. The digital world makes everything easier and more possible, but over the past year, we’ve been going through unprecedented times that have kept us distant to crowded places. For this reason, watching live music concerts online has become so popular. Here, we will provide the easiest ways to watch live concerts online with your smartphone or any digital device.

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most common medium to watch any concert, from considerably mainstream concerts to small gigs. The easiest way to watch is to directly connect to the music channels by being a subscriber. Users can even turn the regulation up or down so that it feels natural to watch without buffering the show, and it is totally free of charge to watch.

Meanwhile, music lovers can keep themselves updated by subscribing to individual artist channels. That’s also a good way to watch content, and keep an eye open for when the next concert is going to hold.

2. Twitter Live

If you have a good craving to spend most of the time on social media, you will have seen that event retailers and labels have held shows live on Twitter featuring music events. Moreover, independent artists also hold live shows to raise their audience and gain popularity.

The great part of watching live concerts on Twitter is that you can see other comments, thought, and perceptions of that particular music and show in real time. You also need to have an account and should be following some popular channels like Live Nation and MTV.

3. Facebook Live

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and it seems to show us everything under the sun. It keeps everybody updated so that we can get in touch with anything we want, with options available to even remind you of any particular show you are interested in.

When you want to watch a live stream show but it is going to hold a few days later, don’t worry, the Facebook notification alarm system reminds you when to watch.

If you have any problems watching the show, you can find many other options and friends can share another page showing the live shows.

4. Instagram live

Instagram is popular for celebrities and influencers who wants to gain popularity. Your favourite singers like Katy perry often time goes on Instagram live to cheer her followers up, and of course, there are also upcoming musicians often time singing live on the platform to gain notoriety.

Celebrities and popular musicians share their schedule of when and where they are going to be on the platform, and it is a great way to stay connected with your favourite singer and shows. By doing this, you won’t miss anything.

5. LiveXLive

It is one of the most popular platforms that sells ticket as well as stream live concerts. Particularly, this website provides worldwide live concerts, so users can define their favourite show for a curated experience.

We do have to say that it is not free and you have to pay to join for a show. Either you have to buy the ticket to physically join a show, or you have to pay for virtual live streaming.

6. Stagelt

Stagelt is a very nice way to watch a show and you don’t have to pay for a virtual live stream either. However, after watching a show, you can donate some money to the rising star or performer. This website is mainly for rising artists and you won’t get much popular singer here. It is a platform where you can support each musician by donating some money to them. So you get to help some youngster who can be a celebrity singer in the future.

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