WPGM Commentary: Felicia Lu Explores The Different Stages Of Relationships On Her New EP ‘Relations’

Ello! I’m Felicia Lu and I am pleased to release my new EP Relations and share a little bit of the coming together of it.

I was signed to my current Label Global Rockstar in the summer of 2020 after having had a couple of, let’s say less exciting experiences in the music industry. I honestly was quite skeptical signing with a new label, had my guard up and didn’t allow myself to have high expectations of what’s to come.

After learning that the music business, is in fact a business, I wasn’t sure anymore where my place in the music world was. However, my creative process has never been stopped, if not, it has improved with all that emotional thoughts and weight.

We decided to give it a try with a single release, to ease my mind with not having to sign a year’s lasting contract. On that note: A huge thank you to my label for understanding and for being the most artist friendly partner I am yet to know.

“One Step Closer” was created and my little fanbase at the time was stoked I was finally releasing music again. I felt extremely free in my creative process as I was able to call the shots on what song we would release, what the cover is going to be and what the music video is going to look like.

I really value being able to create the whole package that surrounds my music myself. I love being able to put the visions I see while writing the songs into the music videos and the covers. Up to this day, I always create the covers myself and co-direct the music videos to ensure my vision is portrayed as closely as possible.

I felt like I was being reborn, finally able to do what I so dearly love doing and was anticipating to do all those years prior. The only thing I ever wanted to do is create and finally I was able to. Now is where the fun part began:

I felt elevated and was able to put all my thoughts and feelings into words and music. And so I did. We started releasing almost every single month, don’t get me wrong, a release schedule like that can be extremely stressful as well, but being able to create and release so much of your own work felt ecstatic.

The EP Relations was born. Six songs all about different stages of relationships. The lovey-dovey get-to-know phase over breakups to feelings a la “I don’t need nobody else, I’m all good all by myself”.

I would love to tell you that I had this grand plan of creating those specific songs right from the beginning, but honestly I wasn’t quite sure what the EP was going to be, as I was simply creating songs for situations that I was going through. Looking back at it, it is like listening through my past year, with all the experiences I made put into an EP for the world to listen.

Let me break down the different songs a bit further for you:

“Pay” is a song about revenge. Let me just leave it like that, I’m sure you can figure out where this song is coming from, and “I Love Me” is about self love, the realisation that you don’t need anybody else in life in order to feel complete, all you truly need is yourself.

“In Your Hands” is a song about falling deeply in love with someone. The feeling of giving that person your all, while “Lovers To Strangers” is all about falling out of love – about two lovers, who used to be strangers, becoming strangers again.

“Motion” is a song about the process and feeling of falling in love. The rush that’s consuming you almost like the waves of the ocean, and “End Of Terror (EOT)” is a song I wrote one day after experiencing the terror attack back in November of 2020 in Vienna, Austria, which can of course be interpreted as an appeal of any form of terror ending, may it be physical or emotionally.

I feel very proud to have gotten to this point to release an EP that was solely written within a year, with personal stories that allow a little insight into my life. After having almost given up, questioning my purpose just to find it again, I am sure this is just the first little step.

I hope this EP can be a safe place for those who want to listen and that they can identify with my music, because in the end relationships are something we all experience in one way or another and I am happy if at least one of my songs can reflect a situation someone is currently living through.

Follow my journey to hear more about my stages of life that I’m sure to put into stories and melodies again. If this EP has thought me one thing, then it’s that it’s never too late, you just need to push through and not give up.

Listen to my Relations EP below and download it here.

Words by Felicia Lu // Follow her on TikTok + Instagram

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