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WPGM Commentary: Gaming Music And Its Influence On The Gaming Experience

gaming music
Sound is evocative and so is music. Sound produces an emotional effect which makes people want to keep playing more. This is something that movie producers have capitalized on for decades. Right now, game developers are catching up in this area as well. So why exactly is gaming music such an essential piece in any game development project?


The use of Pentatonic scales can be considered one of the earliest examples on how music was being used in gaming. Pentatonics are used when you level up or when you achieve an objective in the game. This is very useful in communication since developers always need to alert players that they are progressing well.

And this kind of sound is the most ideal way to communicate this message since verbal communication is impeded by geographical barriers, given that gaming is an international phenomenon.

Non-linear sound

Non-linear sounds are quite popular in online gaming. Even when you play casual games online at 7Sultans, you will quickly notice that these sounds are used in almost all slots machines.

This is basically a category of sound that exceeds the usual musical range of a device or vocal cords of a living creature. In addition to this, non-linear sound is often produced by some acoustic devices through sudden frequency changes.

A real life practical example of non-linear sound in nature can be heard when an animal is making a distress call. This type of sound basically carries an element of fear in it. It is for this reason that non-linear sound is commonly found in horror games, and it’s not by coincidence that game developers love this sound when creating scary games.

Real life examples of games that have used this technique before include Silent Hill, F.E.A.R and Resident Evil. The various game developers who created these scary video games did a good job in making use of non-linear sound both in music and in sound effects. Also, this technique was used to build their soundtrack. If you listen to the sound tracks in any of these games, you will sense a chill running down your spine.

Adaptive music

This is a type of music that is often used to warn a player when something is about to happen. It’s common in horror-themed slot machines at platforms like 7sultans Online Casino. Adaptive music is mostly used to prepare the player for a fight when there is an impending danger ahead.

Moreover, this music is also common in stealth games such as Metal Gear Solid in situations where a shift in tempo often indicates that the pace of the game is increasing. The game initially starts slow where you are supposed to creep around carefully before breaking into a run to look for a place where you can hide.

Adaptive music is also popular in action-themed games where it marks a sudden transition from peace to chaos. Consequently, this makes the game very addictive as players can get too consumed with the immersive experience created by music. Again, this is solid evidence that no type of game can thrive without musical elements.

Words by Albert Tuman

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