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WPGM Commentary: Grace Davies On Her New EP ‘Friends With The Tragic’ – Track By Track

I feel like there’s something for everyone on my new EP Friends With The Tragic, and I was truly able to document a wide variety of happenings in my “tragique” life, as I like to call it. I’m so proud of these songs.


When I wrote this song nearly two years ago, I’d hit a real emotional low. Having just gone through an amazing, life-changing experience – one of the best things that’s ever happened to me – it also felt like the worst time of my life.

I wrote “Invisible” to reflect the way I was feeling at that time, but also to focus on the fact that sometimes depression and feeling down are things that you can’t see or touch. It made me think about how invisible mental health issues can be.

I listen to this song now and know that I am in a better place in my life. I am so lucky that I have music, to capture all of my honest thoughts and feelings and to make something beautiful out of a desperate situation. I hope this song encourages others to open up and talk about what they’re going through, rather than keeping things bottled up.

Addicted To Blue

“Addicted To Blue” is the bop I never realised I had. It lived as a piano ballad for over a year and I never knew which direction to take it in.

I went out to Sweden to produce it with Elias Kapari and we had such a fun time with it because it was such a blank canvas, so we tried everything just for fun! I’ve always been inspired by the energy of ’80s pop production so I really wanted to bring some elements of ’80s to this track. It makes me dance around my kitchen no matter what mood I’m in.

The song talks about the appreciation of a long distance relationship. My boyfriend at the time lived three hours away, which is far enough not to see each other often, so I wanted to touch on how amazing it is that someone can give you a reason to be sad when they leave – if that makes sense.

The lyrics are so contradictory throughout – like, I’m happy when we’re together, but I also like not having you there all the time, getting on my tits! A happy medium.


“Amsterdam” is incredibly honest. It’s sad but also not sad… If that makes any sense at all. It’s about being so frickin’ in love that it hurts, and you don’t trust something not to go wrong. “Amsterdam” touches on jealousy within a relationship and normalises it. Not an unhealthy jealousy, but one that we all feel and should allow ourselves to feel – without thinking that we’re ‘crazy’!

Of course we get jealous that the person we love most in the entire world is doing things without us, and of course the thought crosses our minds that we may possibly lose that person to someone else (or somewhere else). We’re human, and I think it’s a beautiful thing.

Just A Girl

“Just A Girl” is my female empowerment anthem. Taken from a past experience I had with the press, it’s a middle finger to anyone who’s judged a woman for being sure of herself. It dismisses the words ‘cocky’, ‘bossy’, ‘too confident’, for women hear these words too often.

I just want to celebrate how f***ing amazing women are and how far we have come, but noting how far we still have to go. I believe in lifting each other up, supporting the women around you, having their back and taking pride in the fact that we are confident and ‘sure of ourselves’. So we should be.

Listen to Friends With The Tragic below

Words by Grace Davies // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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