WPGM Commentary: Kel-P Steps Into The Spotlight On His New EP ‘Bully Season Vol.1’

Hello, I’m Kel-P. I am a GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and songwriter who has invariably impacted and influenced the global landscape of popular music from behind-the-scenes by crafting a string of seminal Afrobeats records for everyone from Burna Boy to Wizkid.

My instantly recognizable tag, “It’s Kel-P vibes,” has always indicated a banger. Along the way, I picked up a GRAMMY® Award, generated billions of streams, and achieved multi platinum success worldwide.

In 2023, I am taking steps into the spotlight as a solo artist alongside being a music producer, amplifying another dimension of my artistry on the grandest scale possible. On my debut EP Bully Season Vol.1, I will captivate not only as a vocalist, but as a powerhouse presence as well.

I wrote Bully Season Vol.1 with production assistance from London, KdaGreat, Northboi, Krizbeatz, and Iotosh. It was mixed and mastered by Leandro ‘Dro’ Hidalgo. The 5-track project is propelled by my authentic sound served up on a musical platter of afropop, afrobeats, R&B and dancehall soundscapes.

What inspired this project was my life leading to this moment. While I was producing for all of these other artists, I was learning. Along the way, I cultivated a boundary-breaking signature style of my own, dipping into dancehall, breaking through genre boundaries, and embracing the genre with open arms.

It was time to put a face to the name Kel-P. I knew this was the next level, I could feel it. I’ve always wanted to drop my own project, but I was working on myself throughout the whole time. I’m heading into this new journey, and I have a lot to show the world.

The lead single of the project, “One More Night”, a powerful, mid-tempo tune with cathartic, raw intensity captures the listener right away. My slick, charismatic flows are supported by Nelly & Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma” sampled instrumental, which melds seamlessly with my powerful vocal performances.

As soon as I heard the sample, I started recording on the beat ASAP. I was so inspired. I played it for a couple of girls, and they said it was fire, so I finished it. To me, it felt fresh. Everyone can dance to it, because it’s dope, beautiful, and unique.

The track rides a simmering island-ready groove towards an undeniable invitation, “How bout we do this one more night?” It lives up to my intention to create something the world has never heard before.

On “Tropicana”, I deliver a medley laced with guitar riffs, while showing off my hospitable nature through love-themed lyrics. An acoustic guitar creaks through a glistening beat as my slick delivery takes hold above a sexy rhythm.

I love the flow, cadence, and bounce. You can hear the progression. It starts with my vocals and the guitar until the drums kick in. Then, there’s “Feel Lucky.” Warm keys resound through a skittering beat punctuated by strings and a sultry vocal performance.

“Sundress” shimmers through a haze of intoxicating production and wavy guitar. I definitely tapped into R&B dancehall vibes. You’ve got the reggae guitars and this bassline. It really gets into what I love about dancehall and shows why I got into the genre in the first place.

On the London-produced “True Love”, I take the listener on a sonic ride. The Afrobeats-styled tune rendered in vernacular is the perfect party starter with its repetitive catchy hook. The EP title holds huge significance for me. As Vol. 1, it also hints at the future.

Regarding the title Bully Season, as a human, I felt I am in competition with myself to grow. To do this, I had to bring out the Bully in me to always challenge my craft and my personal development, this allowed me to always soar higher and get what I want from life. This inspired the name as it’s the journey of my work ethic, my wins, my losses, my relationships and my life leading to this moment.

You’re definitely going to see, hear, and feel Kel-P in 2023 on this EP. I’m the same guy, but you might not know this side of me yet. It’s always been who I am though. This is just a different approach. I don’t want you to only listen, sing, and vibe; I want you to dance.

Listen to Bully Season Vol.1 below and stream it everywhere else here!

Words by Kel-P // Follow him on Instagram + Twitter

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