WPGM Commentary: Maud On The Making Of Her Debut Album ‘Maud’

My name is Maud and I’m an artist and producer from Northern Norway. Maud is my debut album, and it’s written, produced, recorded and performed by me. Some of the songs are also mixed by me.

Even though my debut album has been made over the last two-three years, I feel as if I’ve been mentally working on this album for ages. Maud existed in various constellations and touched a lot of different styles, before I eventually decided to turn it into my solo project. I don’t think it was until I gained the skills and confidence as a producer that I knew how I wanted to shape my LP.

I started working on the album when I began studying electronic music in Kristiansand in Norway. During this period I probably threw away at least a hundred ideas and sketches that never turned out to be completed songs. I honestly think you have to write a lot of bad songs, before you write good songs.

Musically I’ve let myself explore different sonics and sounds, while discovering something that feels somewhat like my own universe and I’m so excited to finally share this album with the world.

My inspiration and motivation to create this album have emerged from a strong will and drive to be in full creative control over my own music. Producing and mixing my own songs have made it possible for me to be in charge of all the creative processes, and this in itself has been so rewarding to me.

To me, the production is as important as the songwriting, and normally I produce and write at the same time. I think what I love about music production is being able to create my own sonic universe and shape it exactly the way I want it to sound. There are no limits to what you can make, and that’s amazing and extremely intimidating at the same time, because you could potentially end up getting lost.

Personally, I feel like every song on the album has its own unique sound. For a while, I was worried that the songs wouldn’t fit together, but since I’ve produced every track and I’m also singing on each song, I slowly realized that the songs were going to be connected either way. The album has a lot of different moods, and that’s why I think it can have the ability to attract a lot of different people.

On my debut album, I’ve explored themes of self-empowerment, self-love, mental health, independence, restlessness, loneliness and future anxiety. The songs are written over the last two-three years, while moving through different life stages, as well as different influences musically.

To me, this album feels like a diary. The album is very personal, and my lyricism tends to be quite direct. However I feel that the most natural way for me in coming forward with my message is to be honest and straightforward in the lyricism.

The album was finished almost a year ago, and it can be challenging to live with the songs alone for such a long time. It goes without saying that I therefore have questioned my music and myself many times through the process of making this album.

On bad days, I could even go far in thoughts about not releasing the album, in order to start the process all over again. However, the time between finishing the album, and releasing it, made it possible for me to live with the songs and get comfortable with them.

Creating this album has been filled with ups and downs. I’ve been crying out of insecurity, gaining confidence and losing it all over again, listening to the songs at least a million times, but I’ve also been proud, happy and super excited to know that this is where my journey begins. I’ve also been really lucky to be working with my management, Killing Moon, which has supported me all the way through.

Listen to my debut album Maud below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Maud // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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