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WPGM Recommends: Callum Crighton – Lazer Police: The Musical (EP Review)

LGBTQ+ artist and singer-songwriter Callum Crighton has just released his debut EP Lazer Police: The Musical, the four-track EP is an artistically crafted piece of art that showcases the artist’s work in a refined and catchy way.

Lazer Police: The Musical is a compilation of infectious and hook-filled pop songs with hidden layers that you get to uncover while listening to the EP’s four tracks.

“Lazer Police” is the EP’s opener, a pensive and well-produced track with funky vocals and hazy harmonies that alternate between warm singing vocals and spoken word parts with a focus on the lyrics of the song. Its soft and smooth sound makes for an easy-listening track that is the perfect opener of this collection of songs. Callum’s fierce and ferocious personality shines through on his marvelous compositions.

The second song “Artificial Life” on the EP is a more computer and electronically-driven song with eccentric vocals and a club night feeling to it. This is the perfect example of a layover between live concert music and club night electronica vibes.

“Artificial Life” is fun and intriguing yet simple and with a robotic soundscape which, luckily for those that like their instrumental sounds, gets redeemed by following single “In For The Kill”.

Lazer Police: The Musical’s third single is a disco-influenced alternative pop rock sound with warm bass-lines and outstanding vocals. Its unhurried manners and the laid back overall production of the song make it a pleasant sound to listen to while needing a break or breather from everyday life.

Callum Crighton is making waves with this EP and it is only the beginning of the impressions he is about to make. Armed with vibrance and energy, a lot of charm and a DIY work-ethic, the self-producing performer specialises in electronic pop music that is destined to make its listeners weak at the knees.

Callum shared some more insight on how the last track on the EP came to be: “‘Universal Hand’ was inspired by the loneliness yet togetherness one can feel from the age of digital communication. It has an old school 80’s ballad sound with a modern upbeat dream movement to connect the nostalgic ideas of the past with the electronic realities of the present”. This bridge between the classic and the new is refined and was well-written.

“Universal Hand” is about isolation, but extends much further: “This track could loosely be seen as a reference to the isolation people felt during the 2020 pandemic, but extends much further, and can also be about loneliness one may feel within themselves”.

The EP doesn’t just talk about the past year but as a wider concept represents what Callum believes in, and that is for all humans to be treated righteous. “I am a firm believer in all humans being treated with love and respect despite their background. I feel that there is still no strong representation for queer people in the musical landscape at the moment (especially not in the UK) and I really strive to be that”.

His admirable stance on human rights as well as the wealth of our earth, makes his music come over humble and honest, and despite his outgoing and extravagant persona won’t touch arrogance.

His sound is crafted and will be appreciated by lovers of Marina (and the Diamonds), Charli XCX, and Lady Gaga, a grand yet alternative pop sound that is simple yet hard to define by just one genre and one little box. And yes, all boxes are too small for the passionate and ethereal artist.

With this EP, he shows that he won’t be following the crowd anytime soon, Callum Crighton is creating, and walking, his own path. Listen to his Lazer Police: The Musical EP below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Laura Rosierse

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