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WPGM Commentary: Miki Rose Wastes Her Time And Energy On An Undeserving Lover On ‘Wasted’

My name is Miki Rose, and I’m a singer-songwriter and Berklee College of Music graduate, based between London and LA. I wrote this song “Wasted” with El Train at his Brighton studio, early one morning in November 2019.

At the time, I had just discovered via Instagram that I had been lied to once again. I was so angry but instead of sending a long lengthy text, El Train and I created this song from scratch and I instantly felt better. I then rerecorded the vocals with the incredible Ramera Abraham at The Spotify Secret Genius Studios inside Metropolis Studios in London.

I was so excited about “Wasted”, I even performed it a week later at my show at Time Out Market New York. I’ve had quite a few releases since creating this song, but it was always running on my personal playlist and a theme song for me during dark times.

After the success of “Be My Lover” featuring El Train, I knew I wanted “Wasted” to be the next single. When I told El Train he said he wanted to reproduce the song. I’ve done so many songs with him, and I always trust his personal opinion. A lot of our songs were written and recorded on completely different production than the production that’s released.

When he sent me the new production, I really felt that it took the song to a new level. I love how it showcases the pre-chorus and the bridge. I almost axed the bridge altogether just for the sake of the song being shorter in today’s short attention span music climate. When I heard the new version, I knew I had to keep the bridge, I really felt like it became complete.

I recorded a couple more harmonies and the adlibs on the last chorus myself in my home studio in LA. El Train then mixed everything and did a good job of that if I might add. I’m so excited for the world to hear a song I’ve had stuck in my head for almost three years.

I know most of my friends relate to this song, so I have a feeling other listeners will too, The lyrics are very storytelling, If you know nothing about this song or situation, you would completely understand by listening to the first verse.

“Calling me up, another lie again / I’ve had enough, more than just a friend / If only she knew the texts you sent thru / Can’t have your cake and eat it too but you always try cuz you know you can / I let this sh*t slide, now I understand / It’s bad for my health do this to myself but I wouldn’t do if for no one else / I could play detective, could play detective with you / Don’t wanna be obsessing (over you) / Energy I’ve wasted (I waste it all on you) Energy I’ve wasted, wasted on you”

Wasted tells a story of the perspective and self-realization that comes with accepting when you’ve wasted your time and energy on someone who doesn’t deserve it. This song, like the majority of my released work, is being released completely independently.

The artwork is from a photo by Fizzel Castro taken in London in 2021, Fizzel has been behind the majority of my album artwork, And when we finally got to shoot together again, we went into the shoot in mind to get album artwork shots.

He has a lot of personal touches and effects he does when taking the shot, when I saw the shot I instantly knew it would be the “Wasted” shot. My sister, Natasha Kaser, is a professional retoucher and luckily for me, she is always behind my album artwork. And the lyric video was created by moi.

Watch the lyric video for “Wasted” below and stream it everywhere else here!

Words by Miki Rose // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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