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WPGM Commentary: Rowlene Is On A Quest For Love And Life On Her New EP ‘Frequency’

I’m Rowlene, I’m a South African R&B singer, and I’ve been on a journey to this point of releasing my new EP Frequency.

Starting in my makeshift studio, I turned an obsessive hobby into this life changing career. I grew up in Cape Town, and I moved to Johannesburg when she was 19, and I now find herself living in London. I consider myself the odd one out, an open book and free spirited.

Frequency has so many definitions, from science to math, it is a significant observation that always hints to ‘more’. This project follows exactly that notion.

Each song represents a twist or turn in the journey we call finding love and sometimes ourselves. One’s cycle can never be compared to another’s yet – when you’ve matched the energies, when you’ve synchronized with someone – magic happens.

The EP’s November 11 release day also represents ’11:11′, which is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality. My entire life’s kinda been a representation of just going with the flow and not being attached to a specific outcome, but always having faith and trusting that what’s for me will never miss me – and numbers don’t lie.

This body of work along with its title, lets its listeners explore just how frequent and infrequent the quest for love and life can be. Storytelling accompanied by music is the simplest way to describe this project.

Being a young woman, we go through love ever so frequently. It isn’t always pretty, it isn’t always wanted or desired, but sometimes it’s absolutely needed.

The journey of life and love is so non-linear, and I wanted to produce a project where I could share it all – my fears, distractions, desires and insecurities. True form only births during a time of testing, testing my own capabilities and my own heart.

This project was produced in London. After my music hiatus, I allowed myself to be reinspired by new experiences and relationships. Nothing was curated, but everything was intentional, which is something relatively different for me.

The EP is inspired by everyday encounters. Most of the songs I make come from real life experiences and I feel like many people interpret my lyrics based off their perspectives, which is even more inspiring because it indicates my writing is getting better.

The conception of the project happened so organically. I had decided to go to London for a couple of months and just reboot my creative juices.

Every single contributor – WurlD, Blaqbonez, Oxlade, Traits, Fridayy, Mombru, AVB, Warrxck – played such a fundamental role in where I currently am as an artist. None of the features or collaborations were planned. Everyone just happened to be there around same time I was.

Being an independent artist trying to break boundaries for a genre that’s loved but not praised is pretty hard. I think remaining authentic and faithful allowed everything else to fall into place.

I also met some guardian angels who are currently still shedding so much light on my path – my dreams are so tangible and it allows me push the boundaries every day to reach the next level of my career, just knowing that was the string that kept everything together.

I appreciate every single person who contributed to the EP, no matter how big or small, you’re part of the best chapter of my life. Being independent is no joke, but somehow you made this little journey lighter and been my biggest inspirations and cheerleaders on my darkest days. I am so grateful I met every single one of you.

I literally put everything into this project and I can’t wait for you guys to experience it with me. Listen to my Frequency EP below and stream it everywhere else here.

Words by Rowlene // Follow her on Twitter + Instagram

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