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WPGM Commentary: Rapstar Sandy Wants To Makes The Most Of Summer On ‘What’s Goody’

Hi I’m Rapstar Sandy, and my new single “What’s Goody” is really about making the most of summer. It’s about good vibes, enjoying and embracing a good time. You get to link up with friends and do stuff you enjoy doing. The video shows that too as I’m linking up with my friends and doing whatever, whether it’s just us chilling outside casually, going to the shops or actually having a motive.

That’s why I have just two scenes to show that you don’t have to do much, you can either do a planned event or be spontaneous. It’s not about what you do, but how you do it. I genuinely believe we achieved that in the video because we were just doing anything we wanted at the shopping centre. We didn’t even buy anything, which shows you don’t need to spend money to have fun.

In terms of making the song, my manager put forward the beat. We then started catching a vibe to it and freestyling back and forth to each other. After this, we wrote the chorus together. As soon as we got the chorus done, I knew everything I wanted to say on the track and started writing my verses as the vibes were there already.

Normally when I start writing, I play the beat to try to catch the vibe the beat gives me and then whatever vibe I get, I let it out by doing different flows. I sing on it, even shout on it and whatever flows I like, I use and end up putting lyrics to it.

In terms of making the video, I personally wanted to do just a link up with friends and go crazy like how we did in the previous music video for my song “Fade”, but my manager kept saying we don’t want to do the same thing as the previous video.

From there, we started brainstorming and then I knew I wanted to show the audience different ways of having fun in summer. It was a very natural thing and it made sense. I then fine tuned the idea by getting inspiration on different transitions, effects, editing etc to perfect it further.

To be honest, a lot of setbacks occurred when trying to shoot the video but obviously what had to be done was done. The mansion was very hard to find, we was literally doing everything at once.

We booked the videographer before we had a mansion, we told 60 people to book the day off work before we had a venue to go to and we was only able to finalise the venue one week before, which is crazy especially when you’ve given out invites etc and put everything in place.

Even on the day of the video, there were train strikes, which limited a lot of people from coming. The sun was coming out even when the weather said it would be raining heavily, it was crazy. Looking back though, everything was actually sorted out for us, It felt like it was meant to be to be honest. It gave me an extra boost to keep going as it confirmed that I’m walking in the right direction.

It’s crazy as well because, just because you’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean things get easier, but I guess what’s supposed to happen will always happen and you just have to have faith to get through every hurdle that comes your way and that’s a major reason as to why I’m very proud of “What’s Goody”.

Watch the video for “What’s Goody” below!

Words by Rapstar Sandy // Follow her on Instagram + Twitter

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