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WPGM Commentary: The Best Places To Store Your Music Online

Before MP3 format for audio files was introduced, our music files used to be quite large and storing them was a daunting task. However, that’s not the case anymore. You can now save plenty of your music files via online cloud storage. Many online music players offer storage space up to a certain limit, free of cost too. In this post, we take a look at four of the best cloud storage providers to store your music online.

The Best Places to Store Music Online

When you look for the best places to save your files – specifically music files, you would indeed look for an option that provides maximum storage space at an affordable price. Another factor to consider while selecting the best online cloud storage for saving your music files is to check the upload speed offered by these service providers.

Easy to use interface is another option which can be considered. Using the above factors, below are our top picks for the best online music destinations for your cloud storage.

pCloud (Highly Recommended)

pCloud is the first thing which came to our mind while selecting the best places to store your music online – a service which we have used personally and love it to the core. Boasting a user base of more than 8 million, it is the best choice considering all aspects – pricing plans, storage space, security and speeds. You have access to both personal and business plans to store your files. The service offers you higher speeds of up to 5GB per second which is one of the best in the genre.

The user interface remains quite straightforward and streamlined on all the devices. While the web portal is quite easy to navigate and use, it also doubles up its utility with dedicated apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. It also offers you a standalone music player for playing your music files and an exciting option to share your files, not just with fellow pCloud users, but also through email & social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The most basic plan offers 10 GB of free storage space. For upgrades, they have 2 plans – Premium 500GB & Premium Plus 2TB with annual & lifetime option. The Premium 500GB plan for lifetime costs just $175 which is a steal deal for users like you & me.


Based in New Zealand, Mega is another excellent choice for storing your music files online. It offers you zero-knowledge encryption which ensures you complete privacy. The tagline of this company itself is ‘The Privacy Company’ which seems true to the service it provides.

Their pricing plans start from €4.99/month for the ‘Pro-Lite’ plan which offers 200GB storage and 1TB transfer. They also have special plans for teams and businesses where prices start from €10 per user/month for a minimum of 3 users and unlimited storage and transfers.

The interface looks very similar to Dropbox and the web portal is quite easy to get used to – even if you are a new user.
While the service offers desktop clients for Mac and Windows, there are mobile apps for Android and iOS as well. Sharing your files is rather easy with Mega, but the recipients have to enter the encryption key to ensure complete privacy of files. If you opt for a Pro plan, you can even consider setting expiry for your shared links.


The online music storage cloud service moved to the UK recently, and that has brought a few new improvements in it. The pricing is a little different from what we have come to experience over the years with other service providers. There is no free storage available here as in the case of the two previous options we just discussed.

The user interface provides a simple appearance in tune with most of the cloud storage services. It loves calling the folders as briefcases, and this is where you upload your files onto. The user interface is easy to understand and you can get used to it quickly.

There are additional packages for separate add-ons, and the pricing can thus get a little confusing. Sharing compatibility offered by the system is indeed one of the best. You can just share the URL to whomsoever you want to share your albums with.
In a way, this can also be a little difficult for and may raise privacy concerns.

Anyone who has the link can access all your files. There is no option for selective sharing functionality. Only good thing we could find with this service is the availability of unlimited backup functionality offered.


Sync.com is one of the prime options for the cloud storage for your music files, thanks to the focus on the privacy and security that it offers you. Based in Toronto, Canada – you can benefit from the best privacy laws offered by them.

While it is one of the best options to go with when you are looking to the best cloud storage solutions, it went a little low in comparison concerning the cloud storage service for storing your music online. If you want to go with the free plan, you can get only 5GB of storage. However, the paid plans are efficient and competitive enough.

The upload and download speeds are impressive, but you can restrict the speed if you are facing lower bandwidth issues.
The service has desktop clients for both Windows as well as Mac. The user interface comes with several pages of information and can be one of the best considering its simplicity and ease of use.

As for sharing your files, you can either generate a link or use the invite link on the email. Zero knowledge security is one of the features we loved the most as it helps you take care of your privacy concerns.

Concluding Thoughts

In this post, we have tried to include some of the best places to store your music online. Of all the services we have featured here, we would consider pCloud as one of the best options for the sheer features that it packs in – both for free as well as paid users. The value for money, speed, and ease of use are a few features that make it a great choice when compared to its competitors.

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