WPGM Interviews: Juliet Hudson – Wonder, ‘Lucid’ Dreams And Staying Consistent

Juliet Hudson
Following on from the release of her debut EP Lucid, we catch up with emerging UK R&B/Pop artist Juliet Hudson who tells us all about her brand new body of work, East London influences and musical plans for the New Year. Find out how the conversation went down here…

Juliet Hudson may be a name that’s only just making its way across the blogosphere but she’s certainly no stranger to the music world. As well as working with various major music artists and producers during her time, she spent many of her younger years gaining success as a backing vocalist, supporting the likes of JLS on their arena tour, alongside acts across hit television shows including The Voice and The X Factor.

Now, the East London born and bred singer-songwriter is ready to step out under her own spotlight as a solo artist and I must say, it’s definitely working for her. From her collaboration with Shae Jacobs and Levi Lennox (Emeli Sande, Krept and Konan, Chris Brown) on her pop-powered debut single “Wonder” to her independently released debut body of work with Lucid, Juliet has served up a promising introduction to what she has to offer.

On her musical style:

I would describe my sound as a fusion of Pop/R&B with a splash of Indie or sometimes rock. I love music that is easy on the ears with an edge and that’s how I want my music to come across. You will usually hear pretty piano chords and gritty guitar strings through some of my songs because I like to mix things up a bit and also give listeners something to look out for or remember vocally and musically“.

On the making of her debut single “Wonder”:

I’ve known Shae (Jacobs) for years, since we were teenagers in fact and he is one of the best writers I know in the UK so I had to work with him on something. I met Levi (Lennox) through him about a year or so ago at his studio. I had heard some of his work through Shae and thought he was incredible and wanted to work with him too. When he produced ‘Wonder’ he sent it to Shae who called me about it and as soon as I heard it, it blew my mind, as I hadn’t heard anything like it before.

We wrote and recorded it last year September. It had to be on the right project at the right time and when the idea of me putting out an EP came about ‘Wonder’ was the first song I knew had to be on there. I’m grateful to have worked with them because they are busy guys and have worked with some of the best in the industry. The rest is history and here we are now!

On the making of her debut EP Lucid:

I had been writing a lot of songs behind the scenes about all kinds of life experiences and wanted to put an EP together to not only launch me as an artist but to also showcase my writing. Apart from co-writing the lead single ‘wonder’, all other songs on my EP are all written by me and I am pleased with myself for doing it because I worked hard on this EP. The inspiration behind my EP title ‘LUCID’ and all the songs strangely came to me in dreams I’ve had.

So in my dreams I would hear certain melodies or concepts and wake up and record them on my phone or write them down before I forgot. I would then turn those voice notes into songs about my life or what was happening around me. Lucid dreams are usually clear, controlled and distinctive, of things that look and feel so real but might not be, so I felt naming my EP ‘Lucid’ fell in line with the songs on the EP“.

On finding inspiration as a songwriter:

A lot that happens in my life and my friend’s or family’s lives inspires me to write. If not that, then I just write about things I want to talk about or things people might want to hear about. I find that I’m more comfortable writing late at night or early in the morning or if I’m in a really good mood“.

On growing up in East London:

I wouldn’t say East London has had a major influence on me music wise because most of my musical influences are artists from other countries around the world but I do know a lot of singer/songwriters and musicians from East London that work incredibly hard and motivate me to keep going and East London has some great music nights/venues for upcoming talent to showcase themselves, so I love East London and London as a whole for that“.

On her time in the music business:

It is a very fickle industry and there is a lot of talent out there all after the same jobs and goals. It’s easy if you have been in the game for years and have built a rep for yourself and are well connected but if you’re new it can be quite difficult because it’s all about building a great network as everything is mostly word of mouth. If you don’t know the right people, you might not hear about certain opportunities.

I didn’t start off as a backing vocalist. It was never my main goal but I did it because I love singing and great opportunities presented themselves of which I couldn’t turn away from, mainly because these were a perfect way to learn more about the industry behind the scenes whilst working on my craft and networking. I always knew I wanted to be a solo artist, so singing background vocals was a good short term goal“.

Musical plans for 2016:

In 2016 I would like to release another EP so people can enjoy more of my original music and get to know me. I would love to get on a tour and also book more gigs. I also want to put some visuals out in line with my debut EP and go from there. I’m excited for the new year already but I’m a ‘take each day as it comes’ kind of girl because you just never know, but working hard and staying consistent is my daily task for now and next year“.

If you had the chance to bring back one artist from the grave to perform with, who would it be and why?

It would definitely be Whitney Houston. She’s an Icon and someone I grew up listening to daily so singing with her would be a total dream come true“.

If you could leave your audience with one word, thought or feeling after a live show what would you like it to be?

HAPPY (cliché but I would want them to feel happy after my show)“.

Who would you most like to open for?

Sia – I think she’s incredible“.

Name one emerging artist, producer or songwriter that we should all know about

There is a young American artist/writer called Victoria Monet that I’m currently listening to. She has amazing songs. Definitely check her out“.

You’re forming an all girl super group and have to enlist three other artists to join you: who do you choose?

Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj (they all bring something different to the table and they are great at what they do), not sure where I would fit in but hey [laughs] a girl can only dream!

You’re taking to the stage for the last ever time and you only have a five minute slot to perform just one of your songs: what song would you choose and why?

Off my debut EP? It would probably be ‘Wonder’ because it’s a feel good song that leaves you feeling good about whatever situation you might be in“.

Sometimes you wish people would…

Think before they speak. Most things can be forgiven but not all things can be forgotten“.

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Words by Leyla Ava

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