WPGM Premiere: Jay Mahé And Leiyah Want More From Their Relationships On ‘Do Better’

Introducing Danish musician and producer Jay Mahé and British Jamaican singer and songwriter Leiyah, with their brand new single titled “Do Better” and the accompanying music video, which we at We Plug Good Music are excited to premiere exclusively with you today!

Leiyah is an exciting new artist hailing from Croydon in South London. Born to first-generation Jamaican parents, the rising artist was raised in a musical family, with many members of her family working in music, including her late father, who was a sound system DJ, and her uncle Earl ‘Wya’ Lindo, who was an original member of Bob Marley And The Wailers.

At only 20-years old, Leiyah already has two EPs under her belt, as well as recent support from the likes of BBC 1Xtra, BBC Radio Berkshire, MetroFest and Pulse88 Radio, to mention a few.

Her “Do Better” collaborator, Jay Mahé was born in Denmark but has roots in India. His music style can best be described as a fusion of hip hop, funk, soul and pop music, but zeroing in on his unique sound has been a long time coming.

His journey began as the drummer for Copenhagen band Own Good in 2013, before he ventured out on his own in 2019, with new energy and drive to rediscover himself. That rediscovery began with soulful pop track “You Told Me” as his debut single in 2020, and moved into arena-fit electropop on “Right Or Wrong”, with his new offering “Do Better” exploring more dance-heavy retropop sounds.

Along with the music video for “Do Better”, which you can watch above for the very first time, Jay Mahé and Leiyah have offered up an in-depth commentary into the making of “Do Better”, what the track means to them, and how the single and video came about, which you read in full below as you check out the visuals.

Hi there, I’m Jay Mahé and this “Do Better” track is a collaboration between me as a producer and the young and exciting singer Leiyah from London. Our collaboration occurred during the pandemic when we met each other on Instagram. In the process, we have immersed ourselves and managed to bring together our different styles into a common universe.

“Do Better” is a personal experience of Leiyah’s. In her own words, it is “a story of a relationship that sadly went wrong during lockdown and although I was in love, I knew I had to do better and willed for him to do better. But the writing was on the wall“.

I have also experienced the same pain and break-up during the lockdown and I could really feel the pain that Leiyah wrote about on this track. I think that this song was the starting point for my new musical identity and the sound that I have long sought after, and now with the help from Leiyah, am able to bring to life.

I have always been creative and worked as a videographer, editor and director. When we finished “Do Better”, I got the idea of making my own music video for this song. The idea came during the Copenhagen light festival and I have always been fascinated by the retro sound together with a cinematic old-school look.

As you can hear in the song, you will get the feel of the 80’s sound and of course, real recorded instruments mixed with different electronic synths. I also got Sinan Spahi, one of my friends, who is one of the best dancers and choreographers in Copenhagen to join us in this video. Sinan’s big inspiration is Michael Jackson and for us, this collaboration with Sinan made perfect sense for this song and the vibe that it has.

Hi guys, Leiyah here! Jay and I had previously done a song together called “Right Or Wrong” that came out in summer 2020 so when he sent me some more beats I was already excited for this new project. I instantly fell in love with the sound of “Do Better” and got to work right away.

Obviously we were still under Lockdown rules so I had the time and space to not only heal, but had the opportunity to start exploring a different creative side. I started experimenting with different genres of music, such as indie and pop, and that’s how “Do Better” came about.

The chorus fo “Do Better” was written from a point of view where women tend to always ‘beg’ for their partner to do better and love them correctly – rather than for them to leave, know their worth, and find someone that will give them the world.

As mentioned previously, the song is based on a past experience of mine, where I was doing exactly the same as what the song is talking about.

We normally get caught up in the fantasy and how society romanticises love, that we fall for the potential and empty promises people tell us to manipulate our view of them. We do this and hold on to that instead of taking them for who they are in the present moment.

Now looking back it’s very healing for me to see the growth in myself from the mistake I made back then versus what I am willing to tolerate now.

This is one of my favourite collaborations so far because it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be more vulnerable within my writing.

Words by Jay Mahé and Leiyah // Follow Jay on Facebook and Instagram // Follow Leiyah on Facebook and Instagram

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