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WPGM Recommend: Eric Bellinger – Cannabliss (EP Review)

EB - Cannabliss cover
Eric Bellinger began singing at a time where R&B had definitely started to decline and I am grateful to the heavens for his decision to pursue this talent. The man is gifted. He recently came to the UK as a part of his world tour and continues to gain fans as he continues to produce vocally captivating and addictive music. Which makes his slogan “this gon’ be your favourite song” valid for every song.

Two days ahead of 4/20, Eric Bellinger released his latest project Cannabliss. The marijuana dedicated EP sees Eric exploring the usage of marijuana in intimate contexts. On this 5-track EP, he stays true to his distinct R&B sound and shows off his vocals on an array of sultry instrumentals whilst professing his love for the plant.

Initially, I genuinely only sought to review this EP because I did not know how a singer could make a whole song about marijuana let alone 5. I just could not envision how he would do it. But he did.

If you are a true modern day R&B fan then Eric Bellinger is the closest you will get to an authentic soulful sound. He has refused to stray from the genre and I love him for it. Nonetheless without further ado, let’s get into a few of the tracks from his latest project.

The EP starts off smooth in “Staring At The Ceiling”. Here Eric advises that in whatever situation life may throw at you, it’s best to just “smoke it away”. As great as that may sound to some, I wouldn’t advise it because truly the issue(s) doesn’t go away.

But I mean when you are worth a couple millions it’s pretty easy to get high “staring at the ceiling” and let all your problems “drift away”. Nevertheless the song is a vibe and definitely a good introduction to the topic of discussion.

Flight” features as track number 2 and this is most certainly my favourite. Here Eric explores the sensual and sexual implications of being high with a girl he likes and he encourages her to take flight with him – an expression meaning, get high on marijuana with him.

I love the slow yet piercing drum hats and when the bass kicks in, it really does take you somewhere else. Now I am not someone who indulges in the act or promotes it but I have to admit after hearing this song I felt it must be a pretty addictive experience.

His vocals are not compromised in any way and with the addition of Candice Boyce’s vocals pretty much cements the track. Although I do feel Sevyn could have been a slightly better fit because her and Eric’s voices complement one another; Candice did her thing and the song is definitely the highlight of the project for me.

Just as I am getting lost in the slow and calming vibes Eric was giving off, we get to track 4, “Blazin Wit The Bros” which is a rendition of Mr Vega’s classic reggae hit, “Heads High”. It seems that he has also jumped on the dancehall vibe and to be honest he did a good job.

Rightfully so the track features one of the West Coast’s marijuana ambassadors, The Game, and I actually like him on the track. His verse was short (which was most likely the reason why) but the song is a bop from beginning to end. I really feel a video for this could be a good look.

Cannabliss is a great mini-project in my opinion and once again illustrates Eric’s capabilities as a singer. He can pretty much talk about whatever and make it sound as smooth as butter and I am all here for it.

It is clear, (just in case you hadn’t caught on yet) that Eric is attempting to aid in the reduction of the stigmatisation of marijuana and its effects. I do not condemn nor condone such activity but I am all here for a mixtape that puts me on cloud nine without having to inhale anything other than oxygen.

Purchase Eric Bellinger’s Cannabliss EP on iTunes here, and stream it on Spotify here.

Words by Ada Boas

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