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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… it is with pleasure that I begin the start of the last month of what has been a great year with some awesomely enchanting music. Allow me to get my Whitney Houston on and sing, “to all the lovers in the place, this one is for you, baby and to all the haters in the place, i ain’t writing to you, baby“. Yep, that’s right, this album is dedicated to lovers, whether you are in a relationship or not, the only requirement to pick up this album is that you have to believe in love. I promise you, you will not be disappointed and with that, I am pleased to plug to you – Invincible, the fifth studio album from British R&B veteran Lemar.

You might ask me “why are you plugging Lemar, he is not a new artist?”, you are absolutely right. Lemar Obika, for those who might be unfamiliar with him, is an English R&B singer, song writer and producer of Nigerian Descent who attained fame way back in 2002 when he was on British talent show, Fame Academy, finishing in third place. Fast forward years later, he is a successful artist with four albums under his belt, with Invincible being his fifth. The answer is simple really, this album is really really really great and it deserves to be talked about far much more than it has been so far. Invincible is not a pure R& B album, and some might take offense to that, but that’s really what I love about it. His awesome baritone voice lends it greatness to each song, comfortably blending Pop, Soul and R&B together. Call this article one that intends to congratulate Lemar on an amazing journey over the past ten years.

Released back in October (forgive our tardiness), our first offering of the album is the lead single/title song “Invincible” and once we heard it, we knew here at We Plug Good Music, that this was GOOD music. The guitar strings, accompanied by live drums, that start the song immediately grab your attention, notifying you that this is not a typical R & B song, so pay attention. Rather it has that alternative feel to it, mixed with a blend of Pop and Lemar does a great job of telling the message of love and unity in this song. Accompanied by lush piano chords, this is hands down one of the best songs of 2012 for me.

We were invincible, together we’re invincible, they can’t take you away from me. Sound the horn, call the Calvary…

The next song you are about to hear is called “Born To Love” and I really love this song because I can so easily relate. There is no complicated reason for love sometimes like people try to claim, just a pairing of two souls so connected for no rhyme or reason, and it makes for that kind of strong, undying love that we all hope to some day have. Lemar’s voice is really what sells this song as well, and it took me back to songs by the Late Gerald Levert, with the powerful baritone that projects warmth and comfort and passionate love over resounding string arrangements and lush slow-building drum patterns.

All the pieces never fit, not till you were part of it. I was born to love you, in spite of myself. Don’t know why, I guess I was, born to love you…

So, we’ve heard a song that was more Pop than R&B, we’ve heard a true R&B song and now for the more musical of all the songs, we have “Merry Go Round”. I would coin this an “alternative” song that plays like – you guessed it – a merry go round. The production – acoustic guitars leading into string arrangements leading back into acoustic guitars – on this song is absolutely amazing, coupled with a melodious tune that tells a captivating story, with Lemar choosing to be honest about a love with its ups and downs and hidden feelings that no one is bold to say. The high notes on this song complement the low notes rather brilliantly, culminating into what is another stellar song from the 11-track Invincible album and driving home my nomination for R&B album of the year.

So lets go round on the merry go round, the merry go round, the merry go round we call love. Saying everything’s perfect, It’s really working, But is it really worth it?

I’ve honestly not written about this album as much as I would in the past about an album and that’s simply because this is a very solid album, that you really need to hear and judge of yourself. Words don’t quite do it justice, so go support the man and buy Invincible. This will be a classic and will be treasured for years to come.  Here’s just one more track from the album, since I can’t help myself and in an attempt to hopefully convince you fully as to how awesome this album is. It’s actually the only song on Invincible that features anyone and Shaughnessy is so flawless on this song as the harmony of both voices, gives unadulterated listening pleasure.

Five billion years, we still don’t know, Every theory’s got a gaping hole. Here’s the only certain thing I know, to get something from nothing is a miracle. Ain’t nobody coming from the sky, all you are is deep inside. Like a feather on a wind of time, all blowing to the next destination.

There you have it ladies and gentleman. Mr. Lemar has evolved with the times and has done so very successfully. Starting this Sunday, December 9, he will be at various locations across the UK, for a special Christmas tour, so why not take that special someone to go see him as a great Christmas gift. You can check out those dates here

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