WPGM Recommends: Camila Cabello – Camila (Album Review)

Camila Cabello embodies the power of the 21st century woman, who we all love to listen to, but who has a more a sentimental side in her R&B offering, if we listen to her songs with the proper attention. On her self-titled debut album entitled Camila, she sings about the highs and the lows in romance, love, friendships and the unavoided sometimes consequences.

Never Be The Same” is an ideal song if you are in love and truly living the story. Full of sentimental feelings and emotional happiness, her interpretation is unique and full of passion, while “All These Years” is an original R&B song about lust and love.

Camila paints a picture on “All These Years” of seeing somebody after years and still feeling like it has not been a day since you were with them, but the situation is different now and you just say hello and just walk by, even though you want to tell him so much more… The third song on the album is more uplifting. The basslines are higher and the topic this time differs – it is all about control in the aptly titled “She Loves Control“.

Collaborating with Young Thug, they have created a hit song titled “Havana” for the next song on Camila. This song has already birthed many remixes and almost every a-list club all around the world is playing it throughout their club nights. It is sexy, smooth, mysterious and full of promises and if you do not know it by now, you must have been living under a rock over the past 12 months.

Inside Out“, the fifth song on the tracklist is full of romantic feelings. The piano strings show reggae influences, making it more than a girl’s only song.

Fragile issues are being discussed in the following song “Consequences“, issues which no one should ever experience and consequences which, even though sometimes may occur, they should be avoided. The music is coexisting in this song with the vocal part, to remind us all about our fragility, laced in an instrumental music carpet.

Every song on this album has its own energy. “Real Friends” has a good tempo and sets the mood for thinking that even though sometimes we are alone, it is just for the time being. Even though Camila Cabello sings about looking for some real friends, the music is promising that she or whoever is listening, soon enough will find them because they are worth it.

Something’s Gotta Give” is an empowerment song all about collecting your inner powers and just breaking up out of a toxic relationship and just letting go. She has the bravery to sing about this issue which many women are facing all around the world, and just being the right role model that those people need to have in their lives.

In The Dark” is as Camila Cabello as it gets, girly and smooth. Thematically, Camila wanders throughout the song, about her other half and his inner thoughts and self. A more sexy and determined side of romance is being unveiled in the next song, “Into It“, it is another glorious song about love and lust.

The album closes with the radio edit of the first song presented on it, the “Never Be The Same” track. A whole circle is being done musically and lyrically with this one, which is full of colors, images, and powerful feelings.

On her debut album, Camila sings about love and the happy positive side that love gets to have on people, but she also sings of all those aspects concerning love that have a darker side. She is not afraid to touch fragile lines which, sometimes, no one else wants to address. Artists must always explore those fragile lines, if only for their listeners, so that no one should ever feel alone in that fragility, even though it might feel like that in the moment.

Camila Cabello’s Camila is out now via Simco/Epic Records, purchase it on iTunes here, and stream it below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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