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WPGM Recommends: Cooly G – Wait ‘Til Night (Album)

The alluring lady of R&B, Cooly G aka Merrisa Campbell is back and better than ever! After her 2012 debut Playin Me, comes Wait ‘Til Night, which is out today (October 20), and boy is it sexy! Unlike her debut album where she explores the breakdown of a relationship, Wait ‘Til Night depicts a sexual yearning, urges that cannot be controlled and man, are we in for a wild listen!

Every track illuminates this exploration of Cooly’s most tempting and teasing, so penetrative, the foreplay is in motion and its on to the action! Sensual, synthesised, seduction pulsate through this intoxicating, innovative expressionism, rasping straight from the lips of Cooly G’s most personal and private intimacies. This is a master-piece of her most provocative, and she’s definitely not scared to stir a little feverish frivolities at you. Ever sat through a sex scene on TV with your parents? Well this album is worth a listen on your own, in private! Let Cooly G take you on her most tantalising testimonies, lie back, close your eyes, you’re about to transcend into another realm of intriguing lustfulness, I hope you came prepared?

“Wait ‘Til Night”:

Purring and pleasurable personified offer Wait ‘Til Night, this aroma of sexuality. Bear witness to an album filled with amorous overtones, sweeping vocals to set hearts racing and dirty, dark beats slowed down, make for a somewhat musical and lyrical metaphor of lustful base instincts. This is a lady not shy about letting her deepest, darkest fantasies take precedence, as this is conceivable ‘bedroom music’ at its best. This single mum from South London, proves just because you’re a mum, doesn’t mean to say you’re dead from the waist down. Cooly’s flying the flag for all single mum’s out there, giving prudes the v’s and awakening her own sexuality, which is definitely alive and kicking!

Title track “Wait Til Night” is the first song on the album, so whimsical with floating, dreamy vocals which give the essence of Donna Summer’sI Feel Love“. Vocals rapture around in the background of this track, intrinsic, almost like tiny kisses that wrap around your ears, teasing you with their titillating fluttering, so ticklish. Electronic, electrifying, elasticity permeate with sizzling synthesisers, transcend you into a reverie of bemusement. Lost in this alluring presence, a heart racer of a track, as you’re gonna need to cool down after this ‘hottt’ track. Someone call the emergencies because this temptress of a song will make you come over all feverish and faint! Heavy beats that ruminate, and mesmerising vocals that entwine this space-age, subtle masterpiece. A sultry track that will rocket you up, you’ll be seeing stars!

Enter blinding darkness, a thick haze of blackness and through the duskiness, emerges “So Deep“, defining and shadowy, materializes these sexy, rasping vocals. A dark production, devilishly delicious and delectable with a mystical, bewitching, pulsating bass, slowed right down, this is an intoxicating song, tantalizing and a spectacular sensuality, with these omnipresent feverish flavours. Slowed bass throughout, almost metal in its genre, juxtaposed with these R&B vocals, births this enigma of a track. So different, Cooly diverges into this hybrid of genres, exploring with the tempo and dynamics and delivers a gritty, amalgamation. This song would perfectly underlay an Underworld film scene, haunting trepidation, so clever in its production, pensive, it perturbs immensely.

“So Deep”:

Another stand out on the album is “Fuck With You“, yeah you heard me, pardon my French and all the above! Never ever has a song screamed sex, sex, sex!!! Sultry, sensual and sexy vocals are delivered by a yearning, up-front, straight to the point Cooly. Screw chivarly, Cooly’s horny and she wants you! Pizzicato strings pulsate throughout, almost as if they are Cooly’s urges constantly playing on her mind, driving her wild. Again, this reoccuring motif of darkness resonates in this song with dark, dreamy vocals floating over more dark, divine beats. An amourosly appeasing ambivilance of desiring sex verses reality. Increasing intensity, a longing, a need, a lust, a lethargy over this tantalising urge. This is body talk music, sharp, honest, as we hear a more direct/masculine Cooly. She wants to “get down” so come on now boy, what you waiting for!?

All in all, Wait ‘Til Night is a pitch-black array of dark, divine, eroticism. An album that captures both musically and lyrically, Cooly’s wanton, carnal desires. As every track depicts a sexuality, a yearning and a Cooly so in-touch with herself physically, mentality and sexually, exploring all facets of this passionate revival. Where in one album will you find songs such as “Freak You”, and “Your Sex”, and let’s not forget the provocatively clever, “Fuck With You”.

Songs to make even the illustrious Grace Jones blush, Pull Up To The Bumper has got nothing on the whole of Wait ‘Til Night. A perfectly titled album, as the saying goes, when the ‘cat’s away, the mice will play’, and that is exactly what this sexual album will be, in the background whilst a lot of amorous liaisons unfold and explore. A spell-binding album out now on the legendary Hyperdub label, this is only the start of greatness from Cooly G – wonderfully stimulating!

Purchase: Cooly G – Wait ‘Til Night (iTunes)

Words by Melanie John // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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