WPGM Recommends: Crystal Murray – Twisted Bases (EP Review)

Some people describe Crystal Murray as a rising star. However, after listening to her recent EP Twisted Bases, it is evident that Crystal is a star already risen, waiting for the recognition she deserves.

A girl boss with strong roots in musicography and fashion, Crystal Murray’s bold neo-soul style makes you wish you were as cool as she is. To the ladies reading this, make way for your new hot girl album because Crystal Murray came to serve.

The two-part, ten-song collection showcases Crystal’s embrace of womanhood as the 20-year-old explores who she is, how she is in relationships, and how she experiences being a modern woman. The Parisian singer and songwriter’s Twisted Bases EP, is the epitome of boss energy. An accurate description considering the first song is titled “BOSS”.

Crystal has created a collage of art crafted by the creator’s expression. She does this with hints of R&B and electronic pop, with a sprinkle of jazzy hues, to set her scene. It’s a showcase of unique storytelling done in flair. Twisted Bases is a reminder of the artist’s background in music with a jazz musician father and a mother who ran a world music production company.

In an interview with Vogue, Crystal explains how her parents’ influences are the reason she is so in love with her craft. Her father’s jazz influence coupled with experiencing the music of other afro-descendants working with her mother shines through in Crystal’s EP. At the same time, she takes all that she has experienced and makes it uniquely hers as Crystal Murray reinvents who she is as a musician.

In comparison to her earlier discography, such as After Ten and her first EP I Was Wrong, we experience Crystal metamorphosizing into a more assertive woman who has a story of depth to relay. Twisted Bases has an entirely different persona.

The neo-soul feel of this project paired with Crystal’s seductive delivery makes the EP a feel-good listen. The icing on the cake is the confidence boost you get from singing along to the lyrics. The final bridge of the first song may as well become a new morning mantra: “… I’m a queen, I’m a boss / I’m a witch, I’m a boss”.

Crystal Murray’s lyricism is a site for expression where she confidently owns her identity and femininity. As a woman, it’s refreshing to hear the confidence in Crystal’s voice as she affirms all that is magical about womanhood.

Twisted Bases has three artist features. The fourth song in the first CD, “Slow Cadence”, featuring Thee Dian is a symphony of provocative lyrics mingled with an afropop style beat. “Other Men” featuring Le Diouck proceeds as the last song of the first CD.

“Other Men” slows down the pace of the EP while offering a profound experience of a taxing romantic relationship. The last feature sees Zelooperz join Crystal on the second CD for a fast-paced, techno style song titled “Break”.

Something to admire about Crystal Murray’s EP is that its style makes it one you can listen to from finish to end and there’s a song for everyone to appreciate.

The fashion icon shows off her musical art in a way that makes you pay attention to the lyrics accompanied by the catchy beats. The manner of storytelling is a beautiful display of someone mastering their craft. Crystal Murray’s inspired style makes Twisted Bases a unique, enjoyable, listen.

Crystal Murray’s Twisted Bases EP is out now on Because Music, listen to it below and purchase it here.


Words by Aarifah Loonat

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