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WPGM Recommends: Damon Mitchell – Elise (EP Review)

Even in his young age, Damon Mitchell has all the music wisdom that is needed to set this Spring up to elevate us and make us inspired to fall in love. His latest EP is entitled Elise and it was released in March – the record is led by lush melodies and rock sounds but also a smooth symmetry in the sounds and harmonic lyrics in the songs.

Heist” is the first track on the Elise EP. In here, we notice all the mid 60s influences that Damon Mitchell has, transforming the tune’s tempo in an inspirational and mood-boosting melody. The melodies are cheerful and the lyrics are motivational with the main theme of love and how it feels when you’re falling and being in love, with all its ups and downs along the way.

A song which can be named as a true new classic pop song follows. On “Just A Face“, we can see a more fragile twist in the melody, where all the feelings of rejection come to life through a down tempo rhythm where the low guitar sounds and the gentle drum rolls seem the key role protagonists.

On “License Plate“, the third track in the Elise EP, the tunes are transformed into a mixture of the late 70s sounds combined into the 21st-century music era. The classic rock influences in Damon Mitchell’s tunes are obvious in this song.

The romanticism and how he interpolates the vast feeling of how love can have so many faces and can surprise and find you without having an age limit or a spirit limit sets the mood along the way throughout the whole EP. The track will sure motivate everyone, setting inspirations and evoking internal thoughts.

Salo“, the song which follows has rhythmic musical wares and hooked basses, which combine the tempo of past decades and present in a unique concoction. Damon is setting a signature in his sounds, which gives complete music symmetry along the way in the whole Elise music compilation and “Salo” is included in this symmetry, even though it is a little edgier and some social outlines in its lyrics.

World In Her Eyes” is a true love song and what else could it be with this love provoking title… It combines a tropical music carpet beneath its melody, transforming a nostalgic feel with deep saxophone sounds and setting a low smooth groovy atmosphere, which can surround all the space in the room and give everyone a chilling out ambiance.

Elise” which is the outro but also the title track of the EP, is the perfect music closure, where there is a spicing spike and a power palpation in the melody and the lyrics. The way the rockish drums and guitar sounds are conjuring, and how the girl – Elise – is unfolding into our minds, makes this song quite deep and mesmerizing, nurturing our souls and minds in only a few minutes.

After listening to the whole Elise EP, and some tracks in particular, you might feel elevated and inspired for the feeling of falling in love or setting the paste for being a better companion, even a better person in life. Its music atmosphere is a mixture of the older rock decades, including all the new romanticism era which our society sometimes has, even in today’s world.

Mixing the music decades with respect and harmony is Damon Mitchell’s true music signature and along with the rock melodies and love inspired storytelling, it makes him and the whole Elise EP a must listen this spring. Purchase Damon Mitchell’s Elise EP on iTunes here, and stream it below.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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