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WPGM Recommends: Emma Blackery – Magnetised (EP Review)

If you are an avid YouTube watcher and a fan of vlogging you probably have come across the name Emma Blackery. The 25-year-old from Essex has just released her fifth EP Magnetised and oh boy, it’s going to blow you away.

Emma Blackery flew onto the scene into 2012 when she started up her self-titled YouTube channel to promote her music, before adding comedy vlogs to the rota. To date, she has three YouTube Channels. Her main – EmmaBlackery, her vlogging channel – Vloggery and her VEVO – EmmaBlackeryVEVO.

Emma’s first EP Human Behaviour was released in early 2012. In July 2013, her second EP Distance was released, alongside a music video for the main track “Go The Distance”. The video to date has over 1,000,000 views.

Her third EP Perfect was released in November 11, 2014, which was her 23rd birthday. Title track “Perfect” entered the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart at number 8. Fourth EP Sucks to be You dropped in May 2016 and showed a punkier side to the musician.

Emma then went on to support Busted on their ‘Pigs Can’t Fly’ tour in 2016 and took off on her first headline tour in October 2016. She is now currently on another nationwide tour across the UK to support her brand new EP.

Magnetised is packed full of new and updated hits alike. The Magnetised era, in my opinion, is setting out to be Emma’s best era of music yet and you will soon see why.

Opening track “Nothing Without You” sets you up for what is going to be an amazing listening experience. The track is fun, although the lyrics say otherwise. In the music video, Emma is dancing like there’s no tomorrow and trust me, that’s what you will be doing when you listen to this track. It sets up the EP nicely and you just want to listen to what else it has to offer.

Second track “Fixation” has a different pace to its predecessor and brings to your attention, the flexibility that this EP offers. Emma’s powerful vocals brings an emotive feeling and you can tell she poured her heart and soul into this track. It’s beautiful and shows off the versatility in her vocal abilities.

Title track “Magnetised” is next up and if I’m honest, this is probably my favourite track from the EP and probably of Emma’s entirely. The heart wrenching lyrics get to me every time. Lines like “you love me, you love her too. What’s a boy to do?” stick with me due to my own personal experiences. Unrequited love is hard to write about if you’ve experience it but Emma has done an unbelievable job.

Instead” follows “Magnetised”. Emma had previously uploaded a version of this track to her YouTube channel but you can certainly tell it’s been reworked. The acoustic like sound adds a fresh feel but it still sounds like Emma. It has been said that “Instead” is based on personal experiences and you can tell this from the emotional way it’s sung. It will tug at your heart, I can promise you that.

Don’t Come Home” is the penultimate track to this outstanding EP. This track was also one that Emma previously released onto her channel. However, it has since had an uplift. It was once an acoustic track, not anymore. It is now, as Emma states, “a heavy dance track” and if you ask me, the change was worth it.

The emotional meaning behind the track is still there. “Don’t Come Home” proves that a song can be changed for the better. Many people may argue that they like the old acoustic version the best but alas, that is up to them.

Human Behaviour” closes the EP. This track was the self-titled track to her very first release and like other old tracks within this EP it has been changed for the better. The soft melodies bring your listening experience to a close and relaxes you. You couldn’t ask for a better track to close what has been a fabulous twenty minutes.

Overall Magnetised is Emma’s greatest EP to date. It shows that you can be versatile with your music and still manage to produce great things that will appeal to audiences from all walks of life. The updated old tracks are what made this EP if I’m honest and I’m sure if you’ve been a fan of Emma for as long as I have you will be agreeing with me.

Emma Blackery’s Magnetised EP is out now, purchase it on iTunes here.

Words by Amy Rush Da Silva

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