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WPGM Recommends: Future – The WIZRD (Album Review)

Future is one of the hardest working rappers in the game, that’s undisputed. He also has the swagger, arrogance and discography to match. His stellar mixtape run proved that and was culminated by one of the biggest and dirtiest trap albums ever, Dirty Sprite 2.

During that period, he was unstoppable, dropping EVOL, Future and HNDRXX not long after. Personally, I felt Future lost steam after EVOL and that he peaked with the hit single “Lowlife”. After that, his albums were mediocre at best, with a couple of bangers scattered throughout.

So when I heard that Future was about to drop a new album, I was cautiously optimistic. Let me tell you this, I was not expecting what was delivered. The WIZRD is the perfect DS2 follow up, and it certainly rivals DS2 for the top spot in Future’s discography.

With The WIZRD, Future has managed to create a near flawless body of work. It rarely falters and there are twenty tracks – insane, right? Every song is crafted in its artist’s image, braggadocious, arrogant and unapologetic.

“Jumpin On A Jet” perfectly highlights Future’s persona and attitude. It’s a booming number spurred on by infectious melodies and a filthy beat. It’s the aural version of Promethazine mixed with some uppers, and because of that, it’s unbelievably wild. Oh and the chorus? A quotable, memorable moment of brilliance.

Future continues to demonstrate his ear for melodies as “Temptation” is a woozy and euphoric number that captures the raw side of a hedonistic lifestyle.

He doesn’t allow sadness to slow him down though as he’s right back at it with “Crushed Up”. This song acts as a continuation of “Jumpin On A Jet” thanks to its mutated and sped-up beat. The instrumental itself is a masterclass in production as it’s both unsettling and danceable. Future manages to match the rhythm with his trademark lyricism and grimy flow.

The hype doesn’t stop there as “F&N” follows up. Urgent keys and twinkling electronics swirl in the background as the drums and kick rumble in the forefront. Once again Future comes through with a level of enthusiasm and hunger that’s been missing for quite some time. “F&N” only gets filthier thanks to a beat switch. Its instrumental goes from mutated high to an imposing and intimidating bass rumbling low. It’s something to behold.

“Call The Coroner” and “Talk S**t Like A Preacher” continue the lush rampage with Future offering up lyrical gems like “I got a white and a black girl, they look like an Oreo / I come through poppin’ it off, call the coroner / You see these chains on my neck, look like Mardi Gras / I’m throwin’ the cash in the air like a volleyball” and “I designed my sneakers, yeah / I done f**ked my teacher / Talk s**t like a preacher“.

Whereas “Promise U That” is a paranoid, drug-fuelled pop song cooked up in the sweltering Atlanta heat. It’s a double-whammy thanks to its razor-sharp lyricism and compelling songwriting.

You’d think that after ten tracks, the album would slow down, however, Future pumps the gas even harder. The WIZRD doesn’t have quiet moments, while there are moments of reflection and rhymes about inner demons, it’s all coated in a hazy, thick sheen.

Another highlight of The WIZRD is its features. “Unicorn Purp” is strengthened by its ensemble, Young Thug and Gunna. Future stylishly rides the harsh beat with Thug and Gunna intersecting, adding to the songs darkened atmosphere.

“First Off” is a more traditional modern hip hop tune, with a boom-bap rhythm and synths that loom in the background. Future switches up his flow, delivering a more profound and slowed down performance. Travis Scott enters halfway with a traditional La Flame feature which boosts the overall vibe.

Even as the album approaches its end, it continues to shine. “Faceshot” is wild and menacing, whereas the album’s closer “Tricks On Me” is tropical hip-hop meets pop infusion, which finishes off the album in diamond encrusted glory.

The most impressive thing about The WIZRD is it never loses that glory. After numerous listens it manages to maintain its adrenaline rush, whether it’s the ricocheting basslines or the Grammy-worthy performance from Future.

With The WIZRD, Future has created another trap masterpiece that could’ve only been born by him. His thumping heart, heavy soul and debauched lifestyle ooze all over it and it’s all the better for it. Future is quite simply the king of trap, and this is another jewel within his crown.

Future’s The WIZRD is out now, purchase it on iTunes here and stream it on Spotify below.

Words by Jake Gould

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