WPGM Recommends: Jay Prince – Cherish (EP Review)

Although being out for over two weeks now, I still cannot stop bumping the new Cherish EP from Jay Prince.

One of East London’s most talented rappers and producers, Prince has been doing his thing since 2012 and is blessed to be supported by SOULECTION on his journey.

What I’ve always loved about him is his versatility and consistency in making music that can transport you to a whole different place and perk up your mood in an instant. Following his previous mixtapes Smile Good (2016) and most recent Late Summers (2017), this new offering is also a project that sounds good and feels even better.

Kicking off the exciting EP, we have title track “Cherish” which features soothing vocals by Roméo and delivers a positive message we all need to hear. “I swear I’m fighting demons / Up to the point where everything’s just started losing meaning”, he raps, before adding, “Gotta keep on breathing / ‘cause everything has reason”, as Jay Prince consoles the listeners, through his strong introspective-rap game.

Up next, comes an even sunnier melody called “In The Morning“. Both its wavy production and lines absolutely encourage you to ‘waste no time’, get up and shake a leg (or at least bop your head to the sick beat). It’s the absolute summer banger, and the fact that it has nearly a million streams on Soundcloud alone clearly proves that.

Love Is” follows which “might sound like a love song” at first, but it’s more about being in your feelings and having to deal with an iffy situation or flaky person. With a special feature by one of the UK’s finest lyricists Kojey Radical, the song sheds light on modern-day dating and breakups.

Jay Prince also has Birmingham’s latest star-in-the-making Mahalia making a guest appearance on the track “With U“, a smooth, soulful fusion of hip hop and alternative R&B. “GLAM” is next in line, it is an uptempo, breezy effort where Prince’s mellow lines rest on a rhythmic percussion and throbbing bassline mix. This one would do well in clubs!

One of my favourite (older) tracks of Jay Prince is “All In” and it goes something like “Late nights in California with my baby”, and when I listen to his new hit “Mobbin’” on this EP, I get the same vibe, although this one’s more about his crew rolling and cruising together. All in all, it’s another feel-good and love-your-people kind of tune from Jay Prince.

He then comes through with “Motion“, bringing a solid bassline and clubby feel as he relies on his super-chilled flow rapping about his team that “got the brothers that will go / All the way, the extra mile”.

Prince drops the tempo a little on the next song, which isn’t only slower, but moodier and darker. It’s called “Downtime” and refers to late summers and getting off track. “And they don’t know what I been through / But the flow stay cold when I’m confused / See I don’t lose and I take no L’s” he spits, confident in his ability to make it through life’s ups and downs championing his music and slick style.

The album ends with “Sun’s Groove“, it comes with a relaxed beat, intertwined with calming background vocals and subtle percussion elements, and makes for an excellent closer to what is a really solid body of work from Jay Prince. You should definitely add this project to your playlist. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Wondering when and where you can catch Jay Prince live next? You’re in luck! Tickets for his next show in London’s Jazz Cafe on October 17 are now available here. Get in there quick, before it is all sold out.

Purchase Jay Prince’s Cherish EP on iTunes here, and stream it below.

Words by Sofia Theiakouli

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