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WPGM Recommends: Lady Antebellum – 747 (Album)

Country pop group Lady Antebellum’s 747 album hit stores this past Tuesday, moving the band to uncharted territory as they explore new, upgraded sounds with these fourteen tracks. This trio has quite the history to surpass in the future, with fifteen charted singles including hits like “Need You Now”, “I Run to You”, and “Own the Night” and seven Grammy Awards. As their sixth studio album, 747, has seemed to powerfully complement and succeed Lady Antebellum’s outstanding legacy.

The band members consist of Charles Kelly (lead and background vocals and guitar), Hillary Scott (lead and background vocals), and Dave Haywood (mandolin, guitar, piano, and background vocals). The group met and formed in Nashville in 2006, performing in run down bars and clubs around the city until signing their recording contract with Capitol Records Nashville in 2007. 747 takes this trio to a bold, upbeat more pop based platform, moving away but still slightly maintaining their typically ballad-like, emotional songs of the past. Lady Antebellum have been inspired by their experiences touring in large stadiums, creating a desire for a more heavily produced, bigger, edgier sound – 747 accomplished just that.

“Down South”:

A classic southern anthem, “Down South” is about maintaining one’s roots and the familiarity of returning home, including themes about family, religion, and the small town experience. Despite its quintessential lyrics, its large drums, electric guitar, and mass-produced sounds give this song the big energy and fast pace of a large stadium. The track also includes Lady A’s signature three part, perfectly placed harmonies that preserves their signature feel and mark. Nathan Chapman was the producer for this project and really strove to make it a more in your face, positive work, which can certainly be heard on this favorite of mine, “Down South”.

Another favourite on the album is “She Is“. Originally written and recorded by Nashville singer/songwriter Ben Rector, “She Is” is a beloved, heartfelt love song. The track embraces and encourages the unique and quirky characteristics that make women individuals. Hillary Scott first heard Rector’s original as it was the track behind a video made from her wedding. Opposing the more acoustically driven, piano base of Rector’s version, this song is extremely upbeat, optimistic, and fun, contrasting the slightly melancholic and dramatic songs of Lady Antebellum’s past. Weather you choose Ben Rector or Lady Antebellum, “She Is” is a quality song worth listening to.

“Lie With Me”:

Mirroring the roots of the former work of Lady Antebellum, this song “Lie With Me” describes a relationship that is painfully coming to a close, but the pair is doing their best to hold on, at least for one more night. It takes the listener on a journey of painted picture detailing the story of this couple. Kelly and Scott’s duet is alluring vocally, with each taking on a verse while both share the chorus. This mid-tempo number has a sad yet spirited feel that is angelically and sensationally delivered.

Overall this record accomplishes what it sought out to do. Lady Antebellum is going to reap the benefits of taking this risk and moving outside of their comfort zone. Other notable tracks on the album include, “747” and the chart topping single, “Bartender”. Following suit in country music, this band continues to evolve and adjust, while still staying true to the roots that make them the classic country trio that they are. For a mixture of progressive sounds and classic themes, buy 747 on iTunes today.

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Words by Alexa Stallings // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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