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WPGM Recommends: Meanr Mynr – The Sacrifice (EP Review)

What does sacrifice mean to you? The latest EP from Meanr Mynr titled The Sacrifice is dedicated to musically travel you into your deepest thoughts about your own sacrifices and to accompany you track by track into a journey of deep introspection.

Sanctified“, the first track of The Sacrifice EP is groovy and full of rhythm. Trumpets, baselines and electric guitars in a danceful symmetry. Keeping in mind of the things you had given up in the past is the true essence of the song.

It is capturing with its musicality the moment when you know that the positive efficiency of those choices is right ahead of you, in the goodness of the present you are facing. This is a winner’s song with energetic musical loops, making you feel the bright side of things and life in general.

Continuing with the second song of the EP titled “Saint James“, the listener is forming his/her own story soundscape about the self-sacrifices he/she makes in life.

Maybe it is as simple as giving up weekends or waking up at 5am for practice but by hearing this track you can feel even the positive aspect to those essential sometimes actions. “Saint James” is raw, melancholic, mind travelling. If you hear it on repeat you can even face your own personal demons and then learn from them.

Into another perspective, it reminds the listener of those summer nights when you just want to chill out with a beer or take a long walk through the city’s alleys, wandering around, emptying your mind from all the problems and living the moment. Ripping the guitar, cooling of from stress. It’s the artist’s music mark on your inner interpretation of how you want to “travel” mentally by hearing it.

The EP’s title track “The Sacrifice” constantly urges the listener to be in the present, living right at this moment despite his/her anxieties and personal stamina. Electronic music guides the way for the deepest answers. Lustful guitar solos and deep universal basslines throughout the song, make it intriguing for the listener to hear the energy of the song flowing in every second.

On the fourth track “From The Ashes“, Meanr Mynr’s garage sounds are full of electronic elements. Continuing the journey of introspection, he now brings a more mystical aspect. Psychedelia is another element that is brought to the table this time.

With the final track “Party To Damascus“, his Sacrifice music wandering theme comes to a conclusion and a closure. It has a more mature approach, this outro, evoking hopeful feelings and positiveness.

The dark sounds are different in this track with transformed guitars that guide the way to the best music result, closing the eye to the listener for a future that the conditions will be different and all the sacrifices will bring the result that is going to be more than ever dreamed of.

Meanr Mynr’s experimentations around this theme of ‘The Sacrifice’ are a very interesting approach to music itself. In this EP’s full five track study, he brought his own sacrifices out and transformed them to something massive musically.

Without naming each track by his own personal thoughts and having no vocals at all in the full length of the record, the listener will be enchanted by the outcome and maybe think twice about his/her own life approach. Music must have that role after all and with Meanr Mynr’s latest EP, this goal is just perfectly accomplished.

Purchase Meanr Mynr’s The Sacrifice EP on BandCamp here.

Words by Nancy Chalkopoulou

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