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WPGM Reviews: Noel Gallagher Live At Utilita Arena Birmingham (In Pictures)

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds put on an iconic evening for the people of Birmingham. From the music of the Brit Pop band Oasis, to now carving his own niche with his solo project, since the debut release of their self titled album, his die hard fan base have stuck around for the ride as they contribute to the evolution of Noel’s musical journey.

Walking onto the stage, armed with an acoustic guitar and as cheers and applause filled the entire room, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds were ready to make this a night to remember. Starting their set with songs including “Pretty Boy”, “Council Skies” and “Open the Door, See What You Find”, the magic lies with the crowd singing back every single word. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Noel as he smiles looking out into the sea of people staring back at him. With smiles all around, this was already set to be a night to remember.

With a setlist to be proud of and anticipation from the crowd of what was up next, one memorable moment was the performance of “If I Had a Gun”. The opening chords were met with cheers from everyone in the arena. Noel’s distinctive voice and the acoustic melodies went hand in hand, taking the crowd on an emotional journey and allowed his ability to create timeless tracks to the forefront. The band’s tight instrumentation complemented his vocals, creating a warm atmosphere that filled the venue.

Treating the crowd to a varied setlist, ranging from the classic Britpop sound of Oasis to the more experimental tones of the High Flying Birds, Noel was able to keep it versatile and allowed for the show to stay exciting for the fans. Noel’s banter between songs added a personal touch to the show, as well as the chemistry between the band.

As the set delved into the second half filled with Oasis hits, including the timeless “The Importance of Being Idle”, “The Masterplan” and “Half the World Away”, the room was filled with nostalgia. The crowd’s enthusiastic participation turned the venue into a giant sing-along with them singing back every lyric.

We’ll see you next year sometime. Thanks for all of the support for the last 15 years or whatever it is,” Noel said proudly, “don’t let me down with this song”. A poignant moment, as the familiar opening chords of “Don’t Look Back In Anger” filled the venue. Explaining how he doesn’t usually do this, Noel graciously stepped back and let the audience take the lead for the entire song. Thousands of voices united to create the memory with this iconic anthem.

As the final notes of the track echoed through the venue, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds left the stage showered with a massive round of applause. The atmosphere lingered in the air and the hearts of everyone in the room as they experienced a shared journey of a nostalgic landscape of Oasis hits as well as the music of High Flying Birds.

Words + Photography by Sarah Komanyi

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