WPGM Recommends: QueBeat – Plug And Play (EP Review)

More often than not, a major problem artists have is the conversion of a musical idea to a complete song. Usually, the idea changes or gets lost in translation during the process of creation. Either the beat changes or the vocals don’t sound right, but this is not the case with the brand new EP from Nigerian producer and musician QueBeat titled Plug And Play.

The Plug and Play EP is the complete package simply because it’s entire creation was in the hands of one person – Quebeat who wrote, performed and produced all the songs on this record. From the slick transition between tracks, to the smooth blend of tempoes, well written lyrics and soul piercing vocals, Plug And Play is simply an artistic body of work.

The EP starts up with the smooth vibes of “Good Feeling“. This song is guaranteed to elevate your mood and forget your sorrows and worries. It embodies the true feelings of the average Nigerian youth, with lyrics such as “Live free and be happy. We just want that good good feeling“. With backup vocals from his sister Tomi Singz, “Good Feeling” sets the pace of the entire EP with its proper composition and sweet vocals.

Vague“, the second track on the EP, most likely came from a personal place. QueBeat pours his heart out as he tries to find out if that special someone feels the same way about him. The track is led by relatable lyrics accompanied with an appropriate tempo musically.

Que switches it up as he “dumbs it down” with the third and fourth track off the EP – “Stronger” and “Kokose“. The songs are your typical Nigerian composition. Short verses, catchy hooks, a very basic chorus and melodious lamba which would be easy for listeners to remember. Whatever Nigerian artists can do, Que can do better three times over, it seems.

Quebeat tries to be a better man and right all his wrongs on the nxt track on the record, “Better“. Arguably the best song off the EP, “Better” is potentially a makeup anthem for guys trying to get back with their better halves. The melodious vibe backed up with trumpets is simply delicious.

The EP is rounded off with the calm groove of “Kon Ko Below“. The song is laid back yet groovy. Mid tempo vibes at its peak with an infectious “move your body” melody.

Plug And Play is a demonstration of Quebeat’s amazing versatility which gives him the edge over other songwriters and producers. A Song writer, singer and producer all in one, Quebeat is well on his way to becoming a household name and World class musical component. Purchase Plug And Play on iTunes here, and stream it on SoundCloud below.

Words by ‘Deola Jaiyesinmi

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