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WPGM Recommends: Salvation Jayne – I’ll Be Damned! EP

Salvation Jayne EP
It isn’t often that a female-driven alternative blues band comes about, and especially one that is as energetic as Salvation Jayne. After forming in November 2013, Salvation Jayne have already released two incredible EPs and have also done a live studio session of “Man’s World”. The band consists of vocalist Amy Benham, guitarist Holly Kinnear, bassist Dan Lucas and drummer Lucy Foster, with the focus of bringing blues music alive. Their latest EP, I’ll Be Damned!, released on the 1st of December, 2014, is nothing short of dynamic genius.

With influences from Kill It Kid, Ray Charles and The Black Keys, I’ll Be Damned! is fiery, powerful and passionate from start to finish, and not what you would expect from normal blues tracks. The first song “Black Eyes“, doesn’t have much of an introduction and instead comes straight in with a great pounding beat and Benham’s great distinctive vocals that add another dimension to the song.

“Black Eyes”:

Although there is a dark meaning to the song, the lyrics are very catchy which makes the song very appealing to listen to – the lyrics perfectly suit the melody and beat of the song, making it a song to come back to over and over again. The band is made up using four instruments, which is less than some bands use, but the minimalistic approach really pays off. The instruments work together extremely well, with the bass lines and drums working in sync perfectly – the bridge in the middle of the song really highlights this. Keeping to their blues roots, the guitar melody is swingy and catchy, showing the band’s influences. A powerful song that sets the EP off to an amazing start.

The second song is the title track “I’ll Be Damned!“. The song starts with a loud and crash-filled introduction that, when it’s played live, would really get the audience in the mood. In come Benham’s vocals again, and they’re loud and powerful, perfectly reflecting the meaning and beat of the song. Personally, this song sounds a lot like a mix between Joan Jett and The Black Keys, giving it that punky edge.

“I’ll Be Damned”:

With repetition of the lyric “You’ve got everything I want baby, you’ve got everything I need“, it makes this song very memorable from the start and means that audiences can really get involved in the band’s energy and enthusiasm. In the bridge section, the bass and the drums are working in harmony once again, and the guitar melody fitting the song perfectly. This song deserves all praise, and it should be a huge hit for the band.

The third and final song on the EP is called “Secret Sin“, and it starts a little slower than the previous two songs, meaning the band have chosen something a little different. The verses are a lot quieter compared to the band’s other material, but they still inject that heavy beat that works so well. The song slowly gets louder in the build up for a massively powerful chorus which fades back down to an instrumental section – this section really shows just how talented the band members are and how well they all work together.

“Secret Sin”:

All the way through this song, and any song the band record for that matter, the chemistry between the members is apparent and the passion they have for their music really comes through. Ending on a final chorus and finishing the EP, it feels like three songs isn’t enough to really show people how much the band have progressed since their earlier work and how talented they are. I’ll Be Damned! is something that will be played repeatedly and loved by all that hear it.

All in all, it’s very surprising that Salvation Jayne aren’t more well known. Their music is fantastic, and even if you’re not a huge blues fan you’ll probably find yourself singing along and playing air guitar to this. The band are definitely going to be very successful, so expect more great things from them in the future. Salvation Jayne are currently touring, with shows lined up in Kent at The Lower Bell in Maidstone on January 16, The Eagle Tavern in Rochester on January 22 and the Lady Luck in Canterbury on January 26. Be sure to catch them to see their amazing stage presence and experience their music at full volume.

Purchase: Salvation Jayne – I’ll Be Damned! EP (Bandcamp)

Words by Kirsty Poynton // Edited by Ayo Adepoju

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