WPGM Recommends: Sody – Youth (EP Review)

Sody (real name Sophie Dyson) is going to be a name you’re going to remember. The fifteen year old (Yes, fifteen years old) singer is poised to be this generation’s new voice of pop. While she just released her new single “Sorry” just a few weeks ago, the buzz around her is beginning to grow with praises from the likes of Apple Music and PopJustice. Her new EP Youth is a perfect title for not only her age, but the sound of our breath of fresh air music.

The four-song EP has more gusto than most pop music on the radio today. “Sorry”, her first single is a biting electric pop guilty pleasure song. After only hearing the song once, it is bound to get caught in your head for days. It is reminiscent of warm summer days blasting in your car type of song. Lyrics that are flirty with a hints of empowerment and snapping back, take this song to a new level.

There’s a passion in your vibe but goodbye was always hard for you / I can see it in your eyes, see it in your eyes. Don’t be what you don’t want to be / Cause you can’t have what you can’t get from me. All I wanted was to talk but you kept me in the dark”. A strong message for a young artist without be overly critical and redundant. A solid first single that with enough push could be the song of the summer.

Wasted Youth”, the second single is a duet with equally talented singer-songwriter Martin Luke Brown (who she met last year at Reading Festival and just clicked with). This song embodying a love gone wrong but intertwined with a feeling of letting go of the people we once were. The vocals are phenomenal with a seductive, almost R&B sound. Brown’s vocals adding an element to Sody’s already beautiful edgy voice.

The lyrics like “Why you always talking when you’ve got nothing to say? I know it must be hard for you, not to scream my name” show the complexity of both writers without alienating an audience with too much. The video, released just recently has the same calm complex vibe as the song itself with the lyricists watching versions of themselves dancing through a relationship. There is an artistic spark between Brown and Sody that has intrigued with what more the twosome can write.

The last two singles of her EP show off the other side of her talent. “Settle Down”, is a vibey breakup song showcasing her unique and in this song in particular, poignant voice. Displaying again the emotion of not letting anyone force her to be anyone she isn’t which is so clearly evident. The music itself not losing the signature sound she’s established with her other two songs.

While “Violet World“, a beautiful, simplistic song that could melt the iciest of hearts with its letting go of youth theme. Every age can feel the emotion of this song. The lyrics evoking vibrant imagery and the writing style of sad country songs. This song particularly showing off her lyrical skills. Showing she’s much more talented then artists twice her age.

Sody’s music is catchy, fun, and most importantly vibrant. Her theme of “Youth” is perfectly exhibited through every song without shoving it down our throats. The mix of electro-pop fun songs to duet to ballads allowed this EP to be well rounded and makes the listener beg for more. It’s hard to not to with an artist as intriguing as Sody. Count us first in line for a full length album.

Sody’s Youth EP is out on June 17, keep tabs on her Facebook page here.

Words by Lauren Glennon

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