WPGM Recommends: The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You've Come To Expect (Album Review)

In early 2007, a time when most music genres were being reinvented and the music scene was filling up with new names and faces, Alex Turner – famous for being the lead singer and the main creative force behind indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys – and Miles Kane, who was in The Rascals until 2009, sat down and decided to start a brand new music project called The Last Shadow Puppets.

Officially, The Last Shadow Puppets has been classified as a supergroup that creates baroque pop music, but there are definitely some indie pop elements mixed in with their sound – not surprisingly, considering how both Turner and Kane are famed for the indie pop genre.

The Last Shadow Puppets released their debut studio album, The Age Of The Understatement, on the 21st of April in 2008 – a year after their official formation – and it easily made its way to the top of several different charts, in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Despite this spectacular start of the supergroup, The Last Shadow Puppets didn’t release any new music until nine years later.

During this – almost – decade long silence, Turner continued to focus on his band, Arctic Monkeys, while Kane released an album with The Rascals, before commencing and focusing on his solo music career – a pursuit that has produced two stunning studio albums so far.

Nine years later, however, The Last Shadow Puppets have released a brand new studio album called Everything You’ve Come To Expect. It premiered earlier this month on the 1st of April, and has already topped charts in various countries all across the world, especially in Europe.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect is a completely different sound from their debut album – while it still maintains the baroque pop that turned The Last Shadow Puppets into a success, Turner and Kane have still retained the indie pop that continues to influence both musicians on an individual level. As it stands, this exact combination of sounds is what keeps the duo on top of the indie rock music scene.

This album starts off with “Aviation”, a song that completely blows away just on the first listen, even if the lyrics don’t quite hold up to the word genius we are all used to from Turner and Kane; regardless, it serves its purpose as an album opener, and sets the mood for the rest of the record.

“Aviator” fades into “Miracle Aligner”, and it is where we finally see the lyrical prowess both these musicians are so well known for. The theme following the stays transparently the same: love, and all the ups and downs that come with it.

A few song later, we hear “Bad Habits”. This was the first song to be released in anticipation for the premiere of Everything You’ve Come To Expect, a few months ago in January, when the announcement for the album was first made. This song, curiously enough, recalls Arctic Monkeys’ latest studio album, AM, even though it was released almost three years ago in 2013.

Most of the songs continue on in this vein – wonderful music with cleverly intricate lyrics woven within – and then we get to the album closer, “The Dream Synopsis”. This song is exactly what it says: it is the story of a dream that Turner had; a dream involving Kane, as he explicitly states “it was you and me and Miles Kane” in one verse.

As a comeback album, especially after almost ten years, Everything You’ve Come To Expect, is the perfect set of sounds that could have greeted fans of the supergroup and music critics alike. Hopefully, their next music release won’t come after such a long wait, but we anxiously await to see their next move – but first, we would like to see The Last Shadow Puppets have a wonderful tour, this year.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect is out now via Domino Recording Co, purchase it on iTunes here.

Words by Qurat-ul-Anne Sikander
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