WPGM Reviews: Baby Queen Live At O2 Academy Birmingham

The anticipation was finally over for Baby Queen as the crowd gathered at Birmingham’s O2 Academy (O2 Academy2) to witness her highly anticipated performance. With it being a sold out show, the room started to fill up before Baby Queen took to the stage, but before all that was set to happen, Viji brought the nostalgic element to the evening.

Transporting the crowd to what could be the soundtrack to a 2000s coming of age movie, the melodic hooks echoed the indie rock anthems that defined the soundtrack of that era, providing a sense of a youthful atmosphere. Viji’s vocals added a layer of authenticity and seemed to encapsulate the essence of adolescent self discovery.

Delivering track after track with confidence and a captivating stage presence by herself and her band, the energy on stage translated perfectly throughout the room. Pairing emotions with each chord, drum beat and lyric, Viji left the audience captivated and craving for more. The echoes of their performance lingered into the evening followed by a well deserved round of applause and cheers.

Her performance exuded timeless energy just like the 90s and early 2000s. From the raw authenticity, stage presence and infectious energy from each song, it captured the spirit of an era that many like to reminisce over and gave a refreshing and contemporary twist to.

Up next was Baby Queen. In support of her latest album, Quarter Life Crisis, and with aesthetics to match the theme of the album, Baby Queen (Bella Latham) kicked the night off with a high level of confidence and a sense of coolness.

After working through songs including “Kid Genius”, “Dream Girl” and “Quarter Life Crisis”, Baby Queen captivated the audience with every step she took. From the front to the back row, there were smiles all around as everyone was taking in every single moment. The energy was undeniable as everyone in the room was witnessing something special that evening.

Her vocals, which was a powerful instrument, shone effortlessly between defiance and vulnerability. Telling the audience about the release of her highly anticipated album, Latham swiftly dived into the track “You Shaped Hope”.

Just like Viji, the setlist provided a relatable and nostalgic glow, creating a dreamy atmosphere over the audience. Baby Queen is able to capture cinematic moments both through her lyrics, as well as within the live performance. The topic of self discovery, something that everyone can relate to transpired through the form of one of her latest singles, “23”.

As the show went on, Latham was able to create an intimate atmosphere as she regularly interacted with the crowd, as well as the genuine camaraderie amongst her band members. Her ability to create this sort of environment allowed everyone in the room to feel present. As the crowd sang back every lyric, it was a wholesome sight for Latham to have witnessed as she looked out to the Birmingham crowd.

Waiting for the encore, with screams of ‘Baby Queen’ from the crowd, the lights faded as Latham and her band took to the stage for the final time that night. The energy for the final segment was just as lively as it was at the start of the set. A sense of unity as she states how this show was one of her favourite shows ever.

As the final notes hung in the air as no one wanted the night to come to an end, with screams, cheers and the loudest round of applause, Baby Queen’s performance in Birmingham was now a cherished memory for all who attended from an artist who isn’t afraid to lay their emotions on the table and take listeners on a journey of what people go through in life, through her music.

Words by Sarah Akomanyi

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